Thursday, April 16, 2015

I hate memes like this...

If you've read this blog, you know why.  Bill was a great "daddy", but when he got divorced, his ex wife refused to let him finish the job.  What's a guy like him supposed to think about this meme?  I know people share them thinking it's a good message.  It's not, though.  

I hate these kinds of holier than thou memes on Facebook.  What is the purpose of them?  To shame dads who, for whatever reason, aren't in their kids' lives anymore?  Sometimes dads walk away because they're irresponsible and don't care.  Sometimes they are pushed away by vindictive exes or kids who, for whatever reason, don't want them in their lives anymore.

Fathers who truly don't care about their offspring won't care about this meme.  Fathers who do care will likely feel guilty.  

I was going to leave a response to this, which was shared by a "friend", but I decided to just hide the post instead.  No need to stress myself out more than I have to over something dumb like this.  Still, I really do hate these kinds of memes.

I wish so much that Bill could have had a child with me.  He would have been a wonderful daddy if he'd had them with a woman who is a decent mother... or hell, even just a decent person.  Unfortunately, his first wife is a shithead who cares more about hurting people than doing right by her kids.  I hope all five of her kids abandon her the way she's forced them to abandon their biological fathers.

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