Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The development of language...

Here's a random thought that crossed my mind this morning as I was watching my dogs pee.  Did you ever wonder where words come from?  Who decides when a word is a word?

A couple of weeks ago, I took this picture.

I zoomed in on what I thought was a falcon taking flight...

A German friend said she thought it was a buzzard.  Being from the South, when I think of buzzards, I think of these...

Photo courtesy of Samuel Blanc

This is actually a turkey vulture, but where I'm from, they are also called buzzards...

European buzzards don't look like vultures.  They look like this...

Photo courtesy of Marek Szczepanek

But at some point, someone decided to call vultures buzzards.  The use somehow became popularized.  Language changed.  How did we decide on the name "buzzard" for that bird?

Do you ever consider how things get their names?  How do all the languages in the world develop?  How is it that one group of people decides how to form grammar?  I know there are answers to my questions.  I probably should have taken a linguistics course or two.

Just another pointless Wednesday posting.  I could write about discovering Doc Martin, a hilarious British show that's been around for over ten years.  I just found it on Netflix and am now hooked on it.

Or I could write about how Bill is doing really good work and it looks like we'll be staying here awhile (though nothing is official yet).  He did tell me the other day that he heard about jobs in Italy and England and raised his hand.  One of his bosses said, "Put your hand down, Bill.  You're not going anywhere!"  Then they said they were going to try to get him a bonus.  It would be nice if that happened.  I still have mucho dental work to get done.

Or I could write about how the springlike weather is making me want to visit Baden-Baden and gaze at super green fields.

These pictures were taken in October.  Looks like a fairyland.

But instead, I guess I'll just see if I can find something interesting to bitch about.  


  1. The pictures look like a place that isn't even real.

    when i was little I read a kids' book (it sticks with me because i didn't read tons of children's books) called "Frindle" about a boy who decided to make a word. It was interesting. I thought about doing the same thing myself, but then decided not to because since it had already been done in the book, doing such wouldn't be all that original.

    I wrote a bit about my late friend Claire in my blog.

    1. I will read your new post.

      Yes, parts of Germany are so beautiful they defy what you'd think is real or even possible... I can see how Grimm's fairytales were inspired. I am very grateful to live in such a beautiful place, even if only temporarily.


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