Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sexist mascot names...

The other day, while sitting on my can reading Facebook, I saw an advertisement for a local women's softball league.  They were looking for players to join the "Lady Stallions".  Being a horse lover, I was immediately taken aback by the fact that a women's sports team was calling themselves the "Lady Stallions".  Stallions, by definition, are male.  I had to bring it up on our local "venting" page, where some brave soul decided to raise the issue on the main Facebook page for the Stuttgart military community...  This was the response she got.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume that Ms. ****** has no prior experience or dealings with OCONUS community level sports. We did not name ourselves Stallions. That is the mascot for the Stuttgart community, therefore we don't have the authority nor the desire to change it simply because a stallion is a male horse. Every community level sport here has a men's team and a women's team, both of which are Stallions. Just like any other community... Lady Rams, Sabres, Mustangs, Generals, etc. So, if there is more concern about what we are called than actually playing the sport, that is not someone who we are looking to add to the team. 

Okay, fair enough...  but have they considered what makes a stallion a stallion?  I used to judge horses and I've seen quite a few sets of stallion genitalia.  They have balls the size of grapefruits.  They have very impressive penises, too.  I was thinking about including a photo for reference, but given that apparently a lot of people like to use horses for their own twisted fantasies, I decided against it.  Google is cracking down on dirty pictures anyway.

Notice that the lady lists examples of other "lady" teams as "proof" that Stuttgart is not the only area where a mascot is obviously male, yet has teams designated for the ladies.  But only one of her examples isn't gender neutral.  One can be a female mustang or general, for instance, though I don't think sabres actually have genders.  I do realize, though, that sexist mascots are very common.

Now, at my high school, our mascot was "The Dukes".  No, it wasn't because of the Dukes of Hazzard; it was because of the Duke of Gloucester.  If you grow up near Yorktown, Virginia, you quickly become acquainted with the names of people who were important in the American Revolution.  And yes, we did have "Lady Dukes" instead of Duchesses.

After I graduated high school,  I went to a college whose mascot is "The Lancers".  Given that Longwood University was originally a women's college, it seems like they would have picked something a little less phallic.

Long, hard, and pointy...

The mascot for my graduate school is "The Gamecocks".  Naturally, a gamecock is a fighting male chicken, not a hen.  And, like any big university with a lots of sports teams, the name of the mascot is shortened to something phallic.

Go Cocks!
Now, consider what happens when a man gets hit in the genitals...

Yep.  The fight is over.

Given this obvious weakness in a male's anatomy, one has to wonder why we glorify a male's genitals in sports contests and in naming sports teams.  What's wrong with having a team called the Stuttgart Mares?

Actually, I don't really care that much about this issue, since I don't follow sports and I'm not threatened by mascot names.  As a lover of the English language and a person with way too much time on my hands, this thought just randomly popped into my head.     

Here's what George has to say...  I like what he has to say about the Fighting Jews...


  1. Interesting thoughts! We hear a lot about racial insensitivity in terms of team names, typically when referring to Native Americans (I think the irish, even those who despise Notre Dame athletic programs with a vengeance, take pride in the "Fighting Irish" mascot).

    I think as soon as males are comfortable with playing on teams such as the male Ewes, Mares, Wahines, etx,. then the other way is OK as well. Regarding the lady stallions, why not compromise and call them all the geldings?

    1. No guy would want to be on a team called the Geldings! George Carlin once proposed other animal names. Like Mice... Or Sperm!


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