Sunday, March 8, 2015

Profanity in the classroom...

This week, there was a news story out of Dallas, Texas about a sixth grade teacher who used a lot of profanity in the classroom.  The teacher, who is not named in the article I linked to above, was secretly filmed by one of his students.  The student took the film home and showed it to her mother, who then took the video to the principal.  The principal then allegedly told the mom to "delete it".

"Teach" swears like a sailor...

Aside from using the so-called f-word several times, the teacher also makes several references to his dick.  The students can be heard giggling as the teacher swears at them.  Apparently, he has a longstanding habit of cussing in his classroom.

I never had any teachers swear like that when I was in school.  I did have one teacher, ironically married to an Episcopalian vicar, who admonished us to "get up off our asses" and do more work.  I was sixteen years old and a high school junior, though.  And the teacher apologized and asked us not to go home and tell on her to our parents.  To my knowledge, no one did... but even if they had, it's unlikely most parents in my day would have cared.

Of course, it's a bit unorthodox having a teacher tell a bunch of eleven year olds:

"If you don't give a f**k, then I don't give a f**k. If you don't give a f**k, then I don't give a f**k ," the teacher is heard saying. "I'm gonna tell you the truth, you f**ed it up."

I kind of wonder what made this man go into teaching in the first place.  And I also wonder what's going on in that school district that the principal wasn't interested in firing the guy right then and there.  I mean, it's not like they don't have any proof of what he did.  Aren't they concerned about liability?  Some kids may be scarred for life by all that cussing.  The Dallas Independent School District did issue a statement that said the teacher is now on "administrative leave".  I hope that means he's going to be fired.  While they're at it, perhaps the principal should also be fired.

But then, maybe this guy has some kind of mental illness or something.  Maybe there's more to the profanity laced tirade than just inappropriate language.  I have friends who are teachers.  It's not an easy job at all.  And while I have known and have had the privilege of learning from some great teachers, I don't know that the teaching field always attracts the best and the brightest.

Regardless of the reasons for this man's cursing streak, I think he needs to get out of the classroom.  I am not offended by profanity unless it's used egregiously and lazily (like in the movie, The Interview).  However, there is a time and a place for everything.  Toilet talk has no place in a classroom unless it's the legitimate subject of a lesson.  And it definitely has no place in a sixth grade classroom.

Perhaps I would react this way if I were a grandmother...

It's my guess that this teacher was probably pretty popular, though.  I bet he was especially popular with boys.  When you're eleven and not really religious, cussing is kind of cool.

I was talking to Bill about this at breakfast and he said something that made me laugh for several minutes.  As we were talking about how the teacher wasn't immediately fired, Bill said, "Well, it's not like he was being violent.  He was just dropping the f-bomb."  You probably had to be there.  I laughed my ass off anyway.


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