Friday, March 6, 2015

Christina Crawford on Donahue...

Just found these fascinating clips from 1978 that feature Christina Crawford, author of Mommie Dearest.  I was about five or six years old when this aired, so obviously I didn't see it back then.  I have read Christina's book and, having had some experience with narcissistic, abusive people, I believe Christina Crawford's account.  A lot of people doubted her story, including one woman who called Donahue's show to tell her how upset she was about the book.  I had to chuckle when the caller admitted that she got her news from the Star and the National Enquirer.

Interesting that Joan Crawford was a Christian Scientist.

Bill Boggs interviews Christina.  He interrupts her a lot, which is very annoying.

I enjoyed this interview Christina had with Joy Behar.  She seems like a completely different person now than she was in 1978.

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