Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yet another unexpected windfall...

I know I have done my fair share of bitching about USAA in the past year, but yesterday they were responsible for something rather cool.  Somehow, we ended up with $2800 extra in our bank account.   At first, it looked like maybe our car insurance was canceled.  Bill called up USAA in a panic.

It turns out that because we are overseas, we can no longer get the subscriber benefits check they send out every December.  The amount you get is based on the business you do with them and how well they're doing.  For us, it usually amounts to about $200 a year and is a fraction of the amount actually accrued.  Because we aren't in the States anymore, they sent Bill all the money that was in this account based on his 30 years banking there.  The first $1000 or so went to pay for car insurance, which means we have no more car insurance bills until August.  The rest went into the bank account.

Now... I know what I wrote above makes little sense to anyone who doesn't deal with USAA.  In fact, it makes little sense to me.  But the upshot is that we ended up with an extra $2800, which can be used to pay for the new tooth I need.  If I were a religious person, I might praise God for His providence.  Since I'm not particularly religious, I'll just say we're very grateful for the assistance.  Yet again, it's a sign that coming to Germany was the right thing to do.  If we were still in the States, this wouldn't have happened, plus Bill might be underemployed or even unemployed.

This dental thing is a real puzzle.  I have no pain and very little discomfort and yet I saw the x-ray the dentist took when he stuck a pin up the fistula.  I hate to have the tooth removed and live with a hole until it heals enough for the first part of my implant.  At the same time, I know it needs to be done before things get worse.

The weather here has drastically improved, which seems to be improving my mood.  We have had sun and warmer temperatures for the past couple of days.  Hopefully, winter is about over.

This is a boring post.  Will have to find something to bitch about.


  1. is dental work in your area, or in germany in general, known to be pretty good and reasonably priced? it may not matter anyway, as you may not have the luxury if waiting around until you're in another location. At least you're in a part of the world where modern techniques are used. (I remember reading Sonia Johnson's book when she talked about having her 4th baby somewhere in Africa. Pregnant women went to a hospital where they were given a gurney on which to lie nude with no sheet or blanket for cover unless they brought one from home (she didn't know she was supposed to bring her own) and were in a room with whomever else was laboring and delivering at the time, with a window for the families or anyone else to view what was happening, and basically no one doing anything until it was time to catch the baby and cut the cord. what a nightmare. That's something I would have checked out long before i/ traveled to a country where i would be giving birth,)
    I'm glad you're not having dental work in a 3rd world country.

    1. Actually, dental care in Germany is very expensive, but quite advanced. I had a cleaning done in late January and it was unlike anything I've had done in the USA. And my doctor is from the USA, but has been here for many years and is, I believe, half German.

      I'm just sad that I'm having these problems. Wish I'd taken better care of my teeth when I was younger and had access to fluoride treatments and such-- though the baby tooth would have likely been a problem regardless.

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