Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Substandard housewives...

That's a new term for me.  I encountered it for the first yesterday while reading a Facebook post about measles vaccines.  I know that's a very controversial topic and I'm not going to get into whether or not vaccines are good or bad.  I mean, personally I think people should get their MMRs, but that's just me.  Others disagree and that's up to them.

Anyway, apparently in Germany, the measles outbreak is much worse than it is in the United States.  Someone posted a news article about it and, just as expected, the controversy began to heat up.  And some guy posted this comment...

Thanks to the glory of the internet, substandard house wives have access to falsified information based on nothing but making money. And so anti vaccination movement begins. Although when you think about it, it's like a different form of natural selection. People choose not to get vaccinated for "personal" reasons, their lineage dies out. Maybe this will help raise the average IQ.

Well...  I have to admit, that comment kind of took me aback.  What the hell is a "substandard housewife"?  Is that a housewife who is not so good at cleaning Germany's famous "shelf toilets"?

For your edification, this is a shelf toilet.  I'm not sure why they're so popular.  I guess some people like to look at their own poop.

Is it a housewife who takes too many smoke breaks or drinks too much coffee?  Or sits at her computer writing blog posts instead of dusting the coffee table and vacuuming the sofa?  

My guess is that the gentleman who posted the above comment is referring to poorly educated women with too much time on their hands, too much time on the Internet while watching day TV, and not enough critical thinking skills.  There is a common stereotype in military circles that a lot of "wives" are dumb women who never got an education and spend their time worrying about their nails and whining about their entitlements.  For the record, I have run into a small handful of women like this in my years as an Army wife.  However, by and large, most of the wives I know-- even the housewives-- are reasonably intelligent people.  And a lot of them are good housekeepers, too.

Not surprisingly, the guy who posted this comment-- who doesn't even appear to live in Germany-- got some blowback for being misogynistic and obnoxious.  Actually, his comment was among a few impassioned responses.  Like I said, this topic is one that brings out the fire in people. 

On the other hand, Girl Scout cookies are apparently also very controversial in these parts.  Someone posted a comment about how the Girl Scouts beguile her with their cute smiles and yummy treats.  You'd think that would be a harmless posting, right?  Wrong.  Over the course of a day, that cute little post about Girl Scouts and their cookies (I refer to them as "fat pills") turned into a drama filled diatribe about people who have celiac disease (and thus must maintain a gluten free diet) and those who cut out gluten so they can lose weight.

Someone made a joke about whether or not the Girl Scouts sell "glutton free" cookies as opposed to "gluten free" and sparks started flying everywhere.  One lady posted an emotional rant about how celiac disease has affected her daughter's life.  I get that having to eat a gluten free diet is difficult, but I sort of cringed when she wrote this...

Nope I know exactly what GF is and why is is imperative that my daughter eat GF for every single meal of every single day for the rest of her entire life. Now maybe others will understand why it is irritating to listen to jokes and condemnation. Call me sensitive, but when you live it...REALLY LIVE IT everyday, then you will understand.

Actually, her post was a lot longer than this... this last part is just the part that made me heave a sigh.  I'm sure it's stressful to have to pay such close attention to one's diet.  I just think it's crazy that a cute post about Girl Scout cookies turned into *that*.  But then, maybe it's because I'm a substandard housewife.

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