Monday, February 9, 2015

Men can't have abortions...

Yesterday, thanks to an Upworthy piece spoofing an anti-abortion video, I became aware of a video put out by Heroic Media.  The video is called "The Apology".  Basically, these three guys are Christians who claim they "had an abortion".

Not surprisingly, the comments for this video have been disabled.  But you can tell it wasn't well-liked among the masses...

These guys are ashamed that they got women pregnant and didn't try to stop the women they impregnated when they decided to have abortions.  They apologize to all women who have had abortions, which they claim are "terrible things".  They apologize that no one protected or "rescued" the women or their unborn children from abortion.

I am no fan of abortions.  I just think they should be safe and legal for those who want or need to have them.  They are no one else's business.  Men can't have abortions, so these three guys talking about having an abortion are speaking from their asses.  

Three women had a little fun with the viral "Apology" video.  I'm proud to share it here.

I saw this spoof video before I saw the video it was based upon.  I recommend watching "The Apology" first.

I'm less offended by "The Apology", though, than I am by a comment about rape made by male, Republican, West Virginia Delegate Brian Kurcaba.  Kurcaba, who was elected to West Virginia's House of Delegates in November, doesn't think women who become pregnant as a result of sexual assault should be exempt from an anti-abortion measure.  Kurcaba, who has never been pregnant and has probably never experienced sexual assault reportedly said, "Obviously, rape is awful.  What is beautiful is a child that could come from this."  Charleston Gazette reporter David Gutman, who was present when Kurcaba made his unfortunate comment, Tweeted it...  and you can see the reactions from the peanut gallery. 

Mmm'kay then.  So, if a woman gets raped and ends up pregnant, she should just suck it up and drive on because her attacker has left her with a "beautiful" gift?  And that beautiful gift will basically take over her body and remind her of her violation on a daily basis until it's born and everyday hence?  

I understand Kurcaba's point, which is that he thinks all children are beautiful and precious, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their births.  If you want to assign personhood to a fetus, you can't penalize a fetus that exists due to a rape.  It's not the fetus's fault its mother got raped.  At the same time, imagine the baggage that a child born due to a rape could end up carrying through his or her lifetime.  

I posted about this on my Facebook page and one of my friends, a man who is very pro-life, had the balls to take me to task over it.  He asked,

"So you don't think a child from a rape could be beautiful and loved by the mother?"

One of my other friends commented that her mother had been conceived due to a rape.  She said her mother's bio mom couldn't handle raising her, so she was passed around to abusive relatives and foster homes until she was adopted as a teenager.  I'm sure that woman's experiences growing up the product of a rape could never be described as "beautiful".  I'm sure she never felt "beautiful", despite being a so-called "gift from God", according to some male politicians, anyway.  

Is it possible that a woman who has a child conceived via rape could love the resulting baby?  I think it could be.  However, it's even more possible that the baby will end up looking like the man who raped her.  And then that child will have to endure his or her mother's pain.  Certainly, mom could have the baby and give it up for adoption and, for some women, this would be a good solution to the problem.  However, not all women are able to bring themselves to give a child up for adoption.  In fact, I think that's asking a lot of any woman.  The baby might be made of DNA that came from a rapist, but it's also made up of the victim's DNA.  And then there's the whole experience of being pregnant and giving birth to consider.  Not all women enjoy it and not all women survive it.  Moreover, it should not be left up to anyone else to force a woman to be pregnant if she doesn't want to be pregnant.

Rape is not beautiful.  Pregnancy resulting from rape could possibly be beautiful in some very limited situations, but judging those situations should certainly not be up to an uninvolved party who is elected to a government office.  My guess is that the victim who gets pregnant by a rapist, nine times out of ten, is not going to think of the resulting child as "beautiful".  And while I would never say that a man can't experience rape, I would say that the vast majority of them can never be pregnant... and so pregnancy and abortions are subjects that they should not talk about as if they know firsthand what they're like.

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