Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet Lil' Markie...

A couple of days ago, I posted about a girl who wrote to Dear Abby.  She was LDS and had the chance to go to Spain to study for a year.  She worried that the wicked Spaniards might tempt her into a lifestyle of depravity and debauchery.  At the end of that post, I included a video of a weird guy singing about Jesus.

Lil' Markie sings from the perspective of a fetus who gets aborted. 

Well, I was so intrigued by that video, I went looking for more.  I found out the guy's name is Mark Fox.  And his "little friend" in the form of that pee wee voice is a character he calls "Lil' Markie".  The video posted above is Lil' Markie performing from the perspective of an unborn child, excited to be developing in his mother's womb.  I read that the song Mark Fox is singing was adapted from what was originally a Jehovah's Witness tract.

I must say, I was pretty disgusted by "Diary of an Unborn Child."  Still, I was ever curious, so I looked for something more.  I found this...

Repulsive tale of how an unlikable boy gets "saved" even though he has an alcoholic father who beats his mother...  Just dreadful.

I don't know much about Mark Fox, but I have to wonder if he had a terrible childhood or something. How does he come up with this shit?  And why has it been unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses?  

I'm typing this on my iPad, so I can't give this topic the attention it deserves.  I will say that after listening to that "little boy" voice, Bill said he'd happily flush the toilet.  I don't think Fox does much to further the anti-abortion cause.


  1. Mark fox is like a nevermo version of half of my dad's family - the inlwas especially. i wish i could introduce him to Mahonri. tey;d fight about religion but otherwise have so much in common that they'd bod like Krazy Glue.

    Thanks for the heads up about the attention I've received at the exmo board. I love any attentio generated by my writing. Most people were quite complimentary. It seems i sparked a clarification of a rule about posing blog links. Scott or anyone else can post my blog on some site of exmo blogs, which will just get buried somewhere, but he can copy and paste sections of anything he wants.

    At some point i shall bite the bullet and actually register at the site, which will allow m to post entire blogs as i understand it as long as I don't link them, which would grow tiresome were i to do it often (though not much more tiresome than some others; rants, , but if I have anything particularly pertinent about the morg to share, i suppose it would be OK.

    1. That thing he did about the alcoholic father was so contrived and nauseating... Just unbelievable.

      I haven't been hanging out on RfM so much lately, but I was glad to see you get a shout out there!


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