Sunday, February 8, 2015

In a bit of a funk... and I have a list of petty complaints.

I have a lot of first world problems.  None of the problems I have right now are really serious issues.  I just have several of them that have heaped up and have made me a little depressed.

I started to write about my minor issues this morning, but then felt kind of stupid.  I ended up deleting my post and have been hanging out in my nightgown all day, watching Royal Pains on iTunes.

Anyway, since so many people read my posts for some reason, I figure I might as well revamp my list of petty complaints.  Here they are in no particular order.

1.  Our plumbing is on the fritz again.  About two months ago, I went down to do laundry and my washing machine was full of gray water.  Well, it's happened again.  Our landlady said the plumber warned her that there was some sort of blockage in the main drain when he came last time.  So now that the blockage is back, they have to use a fiber optic camera to find out what's wrong.  It's a huge pain in the ass because it means our upstairs bathroom is kind of useless.  Showers require using the tub on the first floor and bailing out the water, or just letting it collect in the washing machine, where it'll inevitably flood out of the machine.

2.  My cold sore is healing, but it's all scabby and at that annoying itchy phase right now.  And in a few days, I expect to be visited by Aunt Flow, just in time for our upcoming trip to Regensburg.  The cold sore is ugly and uncomfortable... and most likely brought on by the recent stress I've been feeling due to the upcoming dental drama I will soon face.   The prospect of getting my period just makes me wish I'd hit menopause already.  But I think I have some more years before that happens.  Joy.

3.  This morning, I had something stuck between the two crowned molars on my bottom jaw.  I have since managed to dig out whatever it was that was stuck.  Bill thinks I was attacked by a tiny piece of proscuitto, which we enjoyed at a beer tasting last night.  Hopefully, I fixed the issue, but given the upcoming drama that's coming my way, I didn't need this shit today.

4.  It was snowing this morning.   I like snow, but I am sick of it now.  What we have now is all old and nasty and stained with dog pee.  And I hate driving in the snow because it makes me even more nervous than usual.  I think I'm ready for spring.

5.  I have to go to the dentist on Wednesday for a consultation.  I am certain we will discuss yanking out my baby tooth, which at the moment isn't bothering me, but I know it's messed up and needs to be dealt with.  The tooth doesn't hurt and functions.  It's not loose, and the dentist says it's probably fused to my bone.  That means extraction will likely be traumatic.  Even if it doesn't hurt, I think I'm going to cry...  Hopefully, there will be drugs.  Of course, all this will also cost a lot of money that I would rather be spending on a luxury cruise or using to pay off loans.

6.  My niece is coming to visit.  I love her and actually look forward to seeing her and showing her around.  But that also means I will have to drive my car, which makes me nervous.  I hope she won't be bored...  But she is in France right now and says she needs to get out of the country for a few days.  She hasn't been to Germany yet, so this will at least be a change of scenery.  And if the fucking plumbing is fixed, I guess I can at least wash her clothes for her and hook her up with some peanut butter or something.

7.  Although I had fun at last night's beer tasting, I have a terrible tendency to get carried away at gatherings.  I don't hang out with people enough, so I talk way too much and say more than I should.  I don't think I was too embarrassing last night, but I still wonder if people think I'm totally nuts.  On the other hand, Bill and I had a good time and met some people.  Hopefully, they don't think I'm irritating.

8.  Tomorrow, I will probably rant about abortion.  That's a pretty good reason to be depressed.  

9.  I will also have to call USAA tomorrow and deal with a minor banking SNAFU.  What a pain.

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