Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I heart Tomo News...

Some time ago, I discovered Tomo News on YouTube.  Tomo News is basically a channel that puts a snarky spin on major and minor news items and makes funny animations to go with the stories.  I first found them last year when I heard about some poor guy driving through New Mexico that got forcibly anal probed by doctors after police suspected him of trafficking drugs.  The guy turned out to be completely innocent, but ended up enduring some very invasive, unpleasant, and illegal searches of his intestines and anal cavity.

Blame it on the police dog...

Yet another guy gets probed in New Mexico...

I like that Tomo News delivers the news with their take on it.  They seem to be very knowledgable about civil rights.  In the video below, they say this teen's First Amendment rights may have been trampled.

This one is about a teenager who got fired for Tweeting about her new job...

Tomo News is usually pretty funny, but they do have enough consideration to show sensitivity when a topic is sad.  For instance, here's a video they did about Kayla Mueller, the American woman held by ISIS who was recently confirmed dead.

I think this would have been a hard news story to snark on...

And sometimes Tomo News demonstrates empathy for victims, like they did in this video about a case of child abuse in Japan...

Poor boy.  

But mostly, I like them for their snarky takes on the news...  In this video, they report about a man from Waynesboro, Virginia who has a neurological disorder.  When police were called to take a report about someone stealing the man's cable, they noted his neurological symptoms and mistakenly assumed he was mentally unstable.  The poor guy ended up being hospitalized against his will for five days.

No doubt there will be a lawsuit...

I get most of my Tomo News on YouTube, but they also have a Web site, which is where they air all of their videos, including the ones YouTube bans.  Granted, some people might be offended by their flippant tone on some news items, but I find them kind of refreshing.    

Later today, I get to go to Stuttgart and talk to my new dentist...  I'm already nervous.


  1. I find this site fascinating. Thanks for introducing me to it.

  2. You're welcome. I suspect you will enjoy it as much as I do.

  3. Hope the dentist visit went well. I'm not fond of dentists as a whole.

    Stuttgart is the name of a famous hymn tune, which was presumably composed there.

    1. It went okay, other than him telling me what he plans to do and how much it will cost to have him do it...


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