Monday, February 16, 2015

Home again...

I'm writing my trip report on my travel blog.  I will have to be careful about sharing it with people in Stuttgart (I say this sarcastically) because last week, some dim witted twit said "no one cares about my blog".  Actually, the post she was referring to is currently one of my most popular of all time on any of my blogs.  I probably have her to thank for it, too, because her stupid bullshit drove people to look at the blog just to see what all the bitching was about.

I wasn't going to blog about Hello Fresh again, but some developments have come about that may entice me to update again.  For now, though, I am focusing on our trip to Regensburg, which just ended today.  We had a great time.  But then we came home and found the estimate for the new implant I may be getting in my mouth.  The whole damn thing was in German...  I got three letters with estimates of 1750 euros for the fake crown, 1650 euros for the abutment, and another 2000+ euros for the sinus lift surgery.  The dentist did say that the costs would not go over what the estimate is.  I hope he is being truthful, because he estimates this new tooth could cost us up to 5500 euros.

Given that the dollar is now competing more favorably with the euro than it once was, this isn't so bad...  And we do have insurance and I have a compelling case for needing this work done.  I mean, I could get a bridge and ruin a perfectly good "virgin" tooth.  Or I could try to get the baby tooth root canaled, which is liable to fail in the long run.  Or I could just live with a big gap.  Not like anyone ever sees me anyway...

But Bill, bless his heart, thinks I should go on and get the implant.  In the long run, it's probably worth doing.  I dread the process and the expense.  I would have liked to have done some fun traveling in the coming months.  I guess we can still do that, but we may have to relax and scale down a bit.  So maybe we'll see a lot of Germany, which isn't a bad thing.  We did have fun over the weekend and we enjoyed Hamburg last month.

And hopefully, Bill's contract will continue...  I'm sure it will, but you can never be 100% sure.

Guess SeaDream and Hebridean will have to wait til next year.


  1. Isn't it perfectly lovely when a person tires to disparage your work yet ends up lending credibility to its efficacy in doing so. If you believe in karic forces, it's a perfect example of such. I don't think God moves people around like chess pieces on a giant board, which is why i have no explanation for why bad things sometimes happen to very good people 9I read the book, but it didn't give me a whole lot of insight), but I do believe that in the ling run, what goes around comes around more often than not. And who is any one person to say that "no one cares" about someone's blog or anything else. Wouldn't you love to have so much confidence that you felt that you could speak as to the opinions of the whole world?

    i'm glad Bill thinks you should et the implant. It's a good investment. the old technique of drilling down two perfectly good teeth to create a bridge for a missing tooth always seemed f]like a really bad idea.

  2. Typos are worse than usual: tries not tires, , karmic rather than karic, , ( not 9. long, not ling ?, not . , I'm, not i'm, like as opposed to fjike

    My fingers are most spastic tonight.

    1. Yeah. Bill is no stranger to dental dramas himself. That whole thing about my travel blog was just stupid. I will admit, at first I was a little hurt-- I was having a bad day anyway. But then I noticed that the woman who had complained was erroneously speaking for everyone when actually, evidence showed that my post was getting read... And then a bunch of people jumped in to back me up and say they were glad I posted.

      I think that woman might have been affiliated with the bastard I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Either that, or she didn't realize I would see her vent and confront her about it. Her attempt to disparage me ended up being quite the epic failure.


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