Sunday, February 1, 2015

Below Deck...

I got hooked on Below Deck, a show on Bravo about sexy young people working on a charter cruise yacht.  I downloaded a free episode sometime ago, but just now got around to watching it.  It proved to be so trashy and enjoyable that I downloaded both seasons.  Since I've been in a crappy mood all weekend and never bothered to get dressed today, I decided to watch the whole thing over the past few days.

An episode of Below Deck from the first season.

I must say, as much fun as the show was to watch, it also made me not want to try chartering a yacht. For one thing, I will never have the kind of money chartering a vessel requires.  For another, it was pretty obvious that the people working on the boat hated most of the people sailing with them.  There was a lot of fake niceness, though.  I can't stand that.  Of course, the show was pretty much casted with people handpicked for it anyway.  I thought they did a pretty good job of being "real" for the show because having been a server in a former life, I know that there's a lot of fake niceness in hospitality.  But seeing it so unabashedly presented on TV was a turn off.  So is the prospect of seasickness, which I tend to get on small boats.

On the other hand, it did make me feel like I wanted to go to a beach for awhile.  No chance of that around here!

It's been snowing all weekend.  I'm getting a little tired of the snow, as pretty as it is.  I could use some exercise and it's not so easy to walk in our neighborhood after a snowstorm.

Today has been a lot less dramatic than yesterday was, so I'm less inclined to swear.  I also don't have much to write about.  Been playing Facebook games all day and watching crap on TV.      


  1. It's a reality show, right? i'd like to see it.

    I'd like the opportunity to get tired of snow. My mom lived in North Dakota and in Nebraska for awhile, and she says it's great the first time it snows each year, and you want some snow for Christmas, or at least the kids do, but otherwise it grows tiresome. She says snow is much more fun for kids than for adults because the responsibility for shoveling and for driving in it falls upon the adults for the most part. In California, except for the high altitude areas, we so rarely get snow that even the adults get excited when it happens.

    1. Well, living in Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas pretty much kept me from snow for the past five years. I like to watch it and I think it's pretty. I don't like shoveling it or driving in it. It's flurrying a bit right now.

      As for Below Deck, yes, it is a reality show. You can watch it on iTunes.


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