Friday, January 9, 2015

You just "do you"...

Have you heard that expression?  I have heard it a lot recently.  It must be one of those up and coming slang phrases going around.

In November, when Bill and I went to Virginia for Thanksgiving and my dad's memorial, I was a little nervous about singing my solo.  My Aunt Nancy, now 81 years old and right now the oldest survivor of my dad's siblings, said "Don't worry about it.  You just 'do you'."


I thought it was a little weird then, coming from my elderly aunt.  Since then, I've heard a lot more people say it.  What exactly does it mean?  Be myself?  Who else could I be?

I see that "Just Do You" is a popular song by India Arie.  Being the old fart that I am, I've never heard it.  Shame on me.

Since I'm in Germany, it's hard to find YouTube videos that aren't copyright blocked.  But I found a live performance.  It's an uplifting number.  I think I like it.

As a matter of fact, I like the studio feel of this number.  I think I like it better than a very polished studio recording would be...

Okay... so when Aunt Nancy said "Just do you", she was telling me to just take a chance and go for it.  As opposed to "Do Me", which has an entirely different meaning, right?

I know there's a newer "Do Me" out there, but this one is all about sex.

Maybe when Bill comes home, I'll tell him to "Do Me"!  With my luck, he'll just imitate my cackling laugh while drinking beer.  That's a good way to "do me", but I don't think it's what Bel Biv Devoe had in mind.  On another note, listening to this song, I hear them refer to themselves as "BBD", which sounds too much like "BVD"...  which immediately makes me think of underwear.

Larry Hagman was a pitchman for BVD underwear back in the 80s...  Crazy!

I suppose it could be worse.  BVD could also make me think of venereal diseases.

Perhaps a good reason why it's better not to tell someone you don't know well to "Do Me".

Thinking about "VD" reminds me of a horrible article I read yesterday.  An American Yahoo! writer wrote about how she got pregnant in Ireland after a one night stand and decided not to tell the father of the baby.  I read this piece and was immediately disgusted on so many levels.  Here's this woman saying she had sex with some guy she could barely stand to talk to after letting her birth control lapse.  She had sex one time and got pregnant...

Then she decided not to tell the father about it because she didn't want him to interfere with raising the child he helped make.  She didn't want to share their daughter with him and let him be in the girl's life, even though she had no problem sharing DNA to make said baby.  And she expected her friends to validate this decision, which is totally immoral, selfish, irresponsible, and just plain immature.

She had no qualms about spreading her legs from some random guy she met in a bar.  He left her with an unexpected memento after ramming his penis into her.  It wouldn't surprise me if, after trying to raise their daughter by herself and finding out how tough single parenthood can be, she starts trying to get child support from her mysterious Irish studmuffin.  Because based on her selfish posting, she doesn't strike me as the most ethical or decent person in the world.  I feel kind of sorry for that baby girl.  Even as I write that, though, I realize my opinion comes from someone who has seen a loving man unceremoniously cut out of his kids' lives.  I am biased and perhaps a bit old fashioned.  I am also thoroughly disgusted.  I hate it when women do this shit.  I think it's very wrong.

Boy... did this post get off track.  I guess I'm just "doing me", though.  My thoughts tend to move tangentially sometimes.  Anyway, in a week I'll be on my way to Hamburg for the long weekend.  I guess today, I'll look for some things to do while we're there.  

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