Saturday, January 3, 2015

Uncle Carl, mothers with melanoma, and mothers who pack heat...

Well, it looked like Carl got to spend the holidays with his family.  I saw lots of pictures from relatives showing him at home on New Year's Eve with my cousins, their kids, and Carl's wife, my Aunt Betty.  Unfortunately, I found out this morning that Carl took a turn for the worse and is back in the hospital in intensive care.  I don't know all the details, only that his blood pressure plunged and he was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.  They're now waiting for a bed to open up at the University of Virginia.  Things don't look so good right now.  ETA: as of 5:00pm Germany time, my cousin (Carl's daughter) says he's doing a bit better.  He was eating breakfast and his bloodwork was looking better.

Yesterday, I read the very sad news that Kathy Taylor died.  Kathy Taylor just turned 34 years old three weeks ago.  She got pregnant with her sixth child in 2014; seven years prior, she was diagnosed with stage I melanoma.  The tumor was removed and she was believed to be cured.  About halfway through her pregnancy, another melanoma lesion appeared on her back.  Apparently, it had been there lying dormant for years.  She chose to forego treatment until her baby boy could be delivered on September 11th.  Sadly, he was very tiny and lived for only two weeks.  Doctors had told Kathy that she would die between 24 and 36 hours after the birth, but she rallied and held on for months.

Kathy and her husband, Nathan, lived in Utah and were devout Mormons.  They kept a blog throughout Kathy's journey.  I haven't read a whole lot of it yet, but I probably will.  I have a good friend from college who had a baby last July and is now battling melanoma.  She keeps everyone updated on Facebook.  Like my Uncle Carl, she is also getting treatment at UVA.

Based on a post Nathan put on the blog, he's now getting a lot of people reading his story.  I really hope people who read the blog have some compassion, but based on the comments I've read around the Internet, I'm sure there are a few jerks who have paid visits.  I hope the people who have contacted him are kind and aren't trying to judge the decisions he and his wife made.

I can see that Kathy was a very beautiful woman inside and out and I know her family loves her and cherishes her memory.  Though she died too young, she was obviously very blessed with a loving family.

And... moving on...  like a lot of folks, I heard about the mom who took her two year old and a couple of other kids to Walmart.  She had a loaded pistol in her purse, which was supposedly specially designed for carrying weapons.  Her boy got ahold of the gun and it went off, fatally wounding his mother, Veronica Rutledge.  I have no idea what this woman was doing with a loaded, concealed weapon, especially with a two year old child around.  She was a scientist and supposedly very smart, but obviously made a terrible mistake on the day of her death.

Bill told me that depending on the type of gun it was, it's possible that there was no safety on it.  And if she was permitted to carry a concealed weapon, may have even been obligated to carry the gun.  I don't know... and honestly, if that's the law, it seems pretty ridiculous.  But anyway, now her son is going to grow up without his mom... and he will eventually learn that he accidentally caused her death.  That poor boy is likely to have some serious issues.

Anyway, enough about dead or dying people...  Hopefully, Bill and I will manage to get out of the house for awhile today.  I am in need of some fun.


  1. prayers for Uncle carl1

    I, too, hope people look at Kaathy's situation. i don't think anyone knows what they would do in that situation until they're actually init, and she did what she thought was the right thing.

    1. An old professor of mine read this post and told me about a woman she knew who also got melanoma during pregnancy. She had her baby and died a few months later. I've been hearing a lot of anecdotal evidence about melanoma and pregnancy. It's very scary stuff.


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