Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There's a ladies choir starting up here...

And though I enjoy singing and am apparently very good at it, I am not going to join.  However, there is also a German/American choir that I might consider joining, if only because they have a cash bar after their rehearsal.

Just kidding.

To be totally honest, I don't really enjoy singing in choirs that much.  Last time I was in one was when I was living in South Carolina.  I joined mainly because I needed something to do.  I could say the same thing right now, except now I'm married and the evenings, which are when rehearsals would be,  are when I get to hang out with Bill.  We don't live all that close in to where the rehearsals would be, either.

One thing I don't like about singing in choirs is that there is ALWAYS a diva type involved.  And a lot of times, the diva doesn't really merit acting the way she (and it's almost always a "she") does.  I also noticed that the "fun police" lady from last week joined, too.

The German/American choir would be more appealing because there's a chance I could meet people who aren't just affiliated with the military.  I would think that would be more interesting.  I also imagine the music would be more challenging, since there would be men.

I do think I need to get a life, though, and make some offline friends.  I just like hanging out with Bill.  We enjoy each other's company.  Too bad he can't sing.

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