Monday, January 12, 2015

Ordinary Fool...

For some reason, I woke up with an old song from Bugsy Malone running through my head.  I love a good depressing song.  "Ordinary Fool" is one song that could definitely be considered depressing.  I first became familiar with it when I heard Karen Carpenter sing it.  She had the perfect voice for that song... melancholy, low, sweet, and almost like a saxophone.

When I wake up with music in my head, I usually have to get up and sing it myself.  Of course, not all songs lend themselves well to my vocals.  I think "Ordinary Fool" does.  So I recorded it this morning... This isn't too bad for a whim.

The photos were all taken near where we live... most are of our backyard.  

I'm really good at singing depressing songs.

Speaking of singing, lately I've been participating in a duet challenge on  Every few days, I get paired with a different guy and we come up with a duet.  So far, I think the best one was the first one.  I sang "Whenever I Call You Friend" with an old friend named Andrew that I met on  He does a pretty good Kenny Loggins to my Stevie Nicks.

I have not been in a musical mood the past few days, but I think the muse is coming back...  probably because I watched Xanadu last night.

I just ordered a new kitchen wagon, even though I bought one a few months ago.  I wanted a smaller one for our kitchen to give us more storage space and extra counter.  Hope it gets here before we leave on Friday.

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