Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Interesting political ads...

Bill and I went to Hamburg last weekend.  Apparently, it's election time, so there were many political billboards and signs posted all over the place.  Although my German is still sehr schlecht, I can generally figure out what's going on in pictures.  I posted a lot of these on my travel blog, but not in a post about political ads.  So, since this is where I tend to be more provocative, I give you some of the issues affecting Germany now as depicted in political signs and graffiti.

Stop radical Islamists!

These signs were all over the place... very provocative!

Wonder why half his face is missing?

I must admit, I was more interested in the classic Mini Cooper than the politician... 

"Let's fight white pride" was also spray painted on a building I saw in Dresden back in 2008.

I'm not sure what this says, but I have a feeling it's profane.

This is not a political ad, but I thought it was kind of cool just the same.  Cops are showing what happens if you get too loaded in the St. Pauli district.  Wonder why it's in English instead of German...

Self explanatory.

I saw this sign in Salzburg, Austria, too...  "No person is illegal."  In Hamburg, I also noticed a sign warning immigrants that they were going to be tracked by the man soon.

Jesus lives... even in St. Pauli.

And this is not a political ad or anything, but I just thought it was funny that there's a store called "Snotty" in Germany.

Did I mention that I love living in Germany?  Every day is a new adventure.  Now to wait for something to fire me up so I can start ranting again.

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