Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Glad I have Bill...

So, if you checked out my travel blog, you may know that I need another dental procedure.  This one will very likely involve an extraction.  I am a little freaked out at the prospect of having my tooth removed, but something does need to be done about the infection I've had for the past few months.  I flat out told the dentist that I expected decent pain management.  He said there would be Valium.  I have never had Valium before, so we'll see what it does.

I asked Bill what he was going to do with me after they take out my tooth.  He said he'd put me in the car, take me home, and put me to bed.  He said he'd come with me whether or not they gave me Valium.

The whole thing freaks me out.  I am probably making more out of it than I should.  I am a terrible wimp when it comes to stuff involving my health.

I'd add more to this post, but I have an awful headache and just took Advil PM... I will probably be ready to sleep soon.  I guess we'll be needing to get this process started soon, though some people live for ages with these infections.  I wish my tooth would just fall out.

I'd like to be blindfolded through the whole thing... and knocked out.

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