Friday, January 23, 2015

German judge says landlords can't make their tenants sit down to pee...

Since yesterday's post was rather serious, I think today's post will be more light-hearted.  Or maybe I should say light-bladdered.  Yesterday, I came across an article about a German judge who ruled that a landlord can't force his male tenants to sit while they urinate.  It's true that in Germany, a lot of men sit down when they pee, apparently because of the splash that can result when a man pees while standing.  I was under the impression that it was German women who demanded this custom, since they are apparently the ones who often end up cleaning up after sloppy male pissers.

According to the article I linked, landlords also sometimes try to tell men how they should take a whiz.  The lawsuit was brought against the landlord by a former tenant because the landlord withheld €1,900 of a €3,000 deposit.  The landlord kept the money because he said he needed to repair the area around the toilet where wayward urine droplets had messed up the marble tiles.  The landlord even brought in an expert who verified that the damage to the floor was wrought by urine.

The judge explained that while he empathized with the landlord, the landlord failed to warn his tenant about the floor's sensitivity.  Moreover, standing while peeing is a common custom, even if in Germany, many men sit when they pee.

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised about this lawsuit.  Several years ago, a couple sued their landlord because they had been told their flat would be quiet.  The landlord neglected to tell them about the upstairs neighbor, a man whose snoring was so loud that it interfered with the couples' ability to sleep.  The female half of the couple began having health problems, so they sued.  I don't know how this case ended, but I do think it's kind of funny how people in America complain about lawsuits.  Germans can also be rather sue happy, from what I've come to understand.

I got most of my housework done yesterday, so today I may work on some creative pursuits.  It's snowing outside, which I'm glad to see, because the snow that fell Tuesday is still here and rather nasty looking.  A new layer of snow will make things prettier.

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