Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Drinking songs"...

This week, I had an unfortunate run in with the so-called "fun police".  I happened to find a cool German a cappella group on YouTube called Cash-N-Go.  They had a bunch of videos posted, one of which I found while researching a local folk song that I discovered this week.  If you check out my travel blog, you will find posts about German cartoons and Cash-N-Go which sort of explain how I made my discovery.  I would post it here, but it would make this story too long and convoluted.

Anyway, I found this one video Cash-N-Go did that I thought was creative, clever, entertaining, and very funny...

According to Google Translate, the name of this song translates to "Good humor is not by accident".

Naturally, I don't speak much German yet, but when I find things that make me want to learn, I want to share.  So I shared the above video with the local Facebook group.  I later deleted it when someone left me a comment basically shaming me because she felt the video promotes drinking to "have a good time".  

I will admit, I don't really understand all the words to this song, but just watching it gives me the impression that it's intended to be ironic and satirical, not a booze promoting number.  It's supposed to be funny, not insulting or hurtful.  But sure enough, that's how it was taken.  I guess I'm not surprised, though.    

I originally responded to the woman that Cash-N-Go has a number of songs posted, most of which aren't about alcohol.  And I made it pretty plain that her comment was annoying.  Then, thinking more about it, I decided to remove the post because I was afraid it would erupt into a big debate and, especially this week, I haven't had the energy or patience for such things.

A few days later, this lady popped up on my feed again because she was responding to someone else's post.  I decided to check her out.  Sure enough, she's LDS.  Has a daughter on a mission.  No doubt feels she needs to speak out against anything that goes against the tenets of her faith.  Of course, in fairness, I don't know this lady at all... I've just seen things she's written.  She's probably an awesome person.  On the other hand, now that I know she's a member of the fun police and apparently has no sense of humor, I will pay a lot less attention to her posts.  

I wrote about this incident on RfM and someone pointed out that our very own "Star Spangled Banner" was originally a drinking song.  I had heard that, but this person went a step further and included a very interesting video about the history of the "Star Spangled Banner".  And because I like to be educational when I can, I'm going to share the video here, too.


Since I grew up near where the Revolutionary War was fought and won, this video is especially interesting to me. 

So, maybe it's a good thing I had a run in with the fun police.  If I hadn't, I'd be a little bit less educated today.

On a related note, I have had serious PMS this week... probably as bad as I've ever had it in my lifetime.  I've been moody, irritable, bloated, and dealing with sore boobs (which I very rarely ever get).  Aunt Flow showed up yesterday in all her cramp delivering glory and, as usual, just in time for the weekend, which makes me all the more irritable and less tolerant of stupidity.  


She's in town.

Add in the fact that this week, the people running the music blog I contribute to decided to crack down on some stuff...  These folks also have two other blogs on books and movies to which I don't contribute.

Now... as far as I can tell, I'm pretty much the only one who contributes consistently to the music blog, which I have written for since January 2013.  Most weeks, I write two posts-- one on Tuesday and one on Friday.  I try to keep them somewhat topical and I take pains to add photos and check the SEO score to make sure Google will "like" the post as much as possible.  I also note that my posts are usually the ones that get the most hits, according to Stat-counter.  For this work, I have received one $25 gift card for Christmas 2014.  

I get this email about SEOs and all... I read it, though not very carefully, I will admit.  The author of the email writes that she will be doing more "SEO workshops" for us, which sort of implies that she isn't happy with what we're doing.  She had also asked everyone to write back so she knew we'd seen her note.  I missed that part of the email.  So she sends a Facebook message to me and someone else who missed it.  We both responded quickly.  She sends another message, which got to me at past 11:00pm last night, chastising us for not emailing because she'd rather not use Facebook.

I wrote back that if she didn't want to use Facebook, she shouldn't send messages on Facebook.  Then she pointed out that she had asked us to email.  I wrote back a terse "Fine."  In retrospect, it probably would have been better not to respond at all, but I was pissed.  Yes, I made a mistake, but I pretty much "work" for free.  Moreover, I try really hard to follow the instructions given to me.  Her message got to me very late at night while I was trying to watch a movie with Bill and I didn't really appreciate the carping tone.

Add in PMS and you have a bitchy exchange...

I'm giving some thought to retiring from that music blog and focusing more on my own blogs.  I may sometimes have to deal with derogatory comments from the peanut gallery, but at least I am the one in charge here.


  1. I wish the LDS and other general buzzkills would leave you alone. I don't understand why people can't get that yu will never change anyone's religion or anyone's opinion on most of life's issues with responses to blogs. why not read what helps you either to be more educated or to feel better and to get a good laugh on occasion and stay away from those things that do not benefit you? i know Mormons are not the only ones guilty of policing fun, but of those trying to kill my buzz, whatever it may be on a given day, there's usually a Mormon involved. I have so much more respect for those Mormons among us who actually practice their own 11th article of faith, which is "We claim the privilege of worshiping the almighty God according to the dictates of our own consciences and allow all men the same privilege: let them worship how, where, or what they may." i'd like to see them take t one step further still and allow "men" or people not just to worship, but to LIVE their LIVES as they so desire as long as as what they do involves only consenting adults and as long as no one else is harmed in the process, but that's a pipe dream. They don't even follow the article of faith as currently worded.

    1. Actually, she posted on Facebook, not on my blog. But yeah... total buzzkill... and a totally unnecessary comment.

  2. Regardless, she probably responded to something you posted on your own page, which appeared on her page only if she chose to "friend" you ro to accept your "friend" request. i don't do fB for a personal reason, but I hear and read about a lot of drama occurring when somone doesn't like what another person posts on his or her own page.

    I like the blog format, too, at least in part for the reason you cited.

    1. I posted it on the local FB page. She was just letting her religious beliefs bias her against a perfectly awesome German a cappella group.


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