Sunday, January 4, 2015

Arran shrieks!

Last night, after Bill and I went out in the rain for some time out of the house, I decided to do some laundry.  As I was carrying an armload of clothes to the basement, I heard a terrible shrieking coming from Arran, who had been napping on some cushions on the floor behind my desk.  Bill went up to investigate.

He came downstairs chuckling, even though for a minute, he thought Arran had actually hurt himself.  Arran doesn't like it when I trim his toenails, so I seldom do it.  I think someone must have cut him at one point because he gets very fearful when I so much as show him the clippers.  Anyway, because Arran's toenails were a little long, one of his dewclaws had a curled nail on it.  It got hooked to a ring on his collar and he couldn't free his paw.  So he was panicking and hopping around with his nail caught on his collar.

Bill freed Arran's toe from the collar.  Arran hobbled around for a second, then was completely fine.

I was reminded of an incident that occurred with Zane back when we lived in North Carolina.  The landlord or someone else had placed a glue trap behind the refrigerator.  I'm not sure what it was supposed to catch.  The only thing it did catch during our two years there was Zane when his tail got caught on it.  He came running into my office, yelping and bucking, trying to get that trap off his tail. We pulled it off and threw out the trap, grateful that it wasn't a mechanical mousetrap or something.

My dogs are an endless source of entertainment.  In all seriousness, though, it's a good thing we were home when Arran's toe got caught.  Had we been out when that happened, he could have really hurt himself.  And yes, I did trim his dewclaws last night.  He hated it and they still curl a little, but they aren't as long as they were.

The sun is out today.  I will probably take down the Christmas crap and do some shopping for the week ahead.  Glad to see that a lot of the snow, which was all dirty and pee stained, has finally melted.

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