Monday, January 5, 2015

A most revolting Web site...

Photo courtesy of "Girls Chase" Web site... posted here for the sake of criticism and jeering...

This morning, while checking out my Statcounter numbers, I noticed that someone had read an article I wrote back in 2012 about so-called "White Knights".  I think it's one of my more helpful postings and, in fact, Bill and I did have a couple of comments from someone who was hoping to avoid being a White Knight to a local woman he knew who was raising a child.  I was curious to see if anyone else out in the blogosphere besides Dr. Tara Palmatier at Shrink4Men had written anything about White Knights.  Sure enough, someone had...

A gentleman on a Web site called Girls Chase (which I really don't want to link to-- feel free to Google) had written an article called "How To Break Free from Your White Knight Mindset".  I read the article and much of it was basically sound advice.  Initially, I wasn't that offended by it, even though there were some parts of the article that treaded lightly on asshole territory.  But then I noticed some of the other articles available for the world's perusal...

"How to have sex anywhere."

"How to be a dominant man."

"Making a girl jealous."

"Girl has a boyfriend? 3 things to do and 7 things not to"

"How to get laid every time."

"Sleeping with girls. 12 tips."

"How to get a blow job from any girl you want. (It's easy)"

"Just friends. A man's worst nightmare." (ed. note-- until your "girl" turns out to be a psycho-- then you'll find out what a nightmare really is.)

"Train her to orgasm"

"Girl changes her mind? Try this."

"How to take her home and extract her back to your place."

It looks like this site may even have some regular readers, which seems kind of scary to me.  I mean, the people behind this Web site seem rather fixated on using women for entertainment and gratification.  The first article I read had some good and valid points, but much of the rest of the Web site seems devoted to teaching men how to manipulate women into fucking them.  Granted, there are lots of women who also use men for money... and maybe I should just be a realist and understand that this Web site is all about men getting what they want for as little effort possible.  It just makes me sad that apparently, a lot of males are soulless creatures who just want to get laid.  

Mind you, I don't think sex is a bad thing, as long as both parties are interested and mutually desire it.  Personally, I wasn't a fan of casual sex when I was a single woman, but many of my friends and contemporaries were.  I think as long as people approach sexual contact in a mature and responsible way, it can be a good thing.  On the other hand, sex with some guy who just wants to get a warm, good looking, young, female body into his bed is not likely to be all that satisfying for the average woman... unless she has an equally unbridled libido.  Most of the women I knew back in my younger years weren't into just fucking some guy just for the hell of it, though there were a few exceptions.

Here's another thing I noticed about the Girls Chase Web site.  They refer repeatedly to "girls" rather than women.  I sure hope the males on the Girls Chase site are chasing women and not girls.  A "girl", by definition, is a minor female.  Granted, an 18 or 19 year old female is still pretty close to girlhood, but legally, she's a woman.  If she's smart, she will think of herself as a woman rather than a girl.  And she won't waste time with a man who refers to her as a girl, especially since he's got designs on getting her into bed AND making her pay for their date.  

Seriously, there is an article on the Girls Chase site about getting the "girl" to pay for the date-- not even Dutch treat, mind you, but the whole date.  The author of this piece explains that paying for the date puts the man in the "boyfriend or husband material" league, rather than just some guy who wants to get in a woman's pants.   Which is fine, I guess, since a lot of women automatically expect men to pay for dates and perhaps they shouldn't do that.  However, if you're a guy who refers to women as "girls", has a one track agenda for getting them to fuck you or suck your dick, AND you expect her to pay for the experience, then you're also a major league asshole who deserves to spend the evening with chapped, rosy palms.  Chances are good that you're not as great in the sack as you think you are.  

What these guys don't seem to understand is that sex is inherently more risky for a woman than it is for a man because aside from the many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that can pass between people having sex, women are able to get pregnant.  While birth control is available for males and females, it's not foolproof.  Moreover, birth control for women is both more expensive (may require a prescription or surgical procedure) and often invasive (requires ingesting pills, surgical or medical procedures, or just requires something internal).  A man, by contrast, can slip on a condom and be about 98% sure his DNA won't mingle with the woman's DNA... but I have a feeling the guys who run the Girls Chase Web site aren't all that interested in condoms.

As far as I can tell, the Girls Chase Web site is basically a primer on teaching men how to be selfish assholes who flirt with STIs and paternity suits.  I wouldn't recommend it to any man I cared about.  The tactics being touted on that Web site are a one way track to trouble, especially if the man on the hunt runs into a personality disordered woman who quickly turns his life into a living nightmare.  Those guys using Girls Chase tips who are lucky enough to have their fun with grounded, mentally healthy women (most of whom are way too smart to fall for the ridiculous advice on the Girls Chase site) will only have their consciences to wrestle with as they think of ways to get that beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman to service them for one night, maybe two.  Seems like a very empty and selfish way to go through life.  I wonder if any of these guys stop to think about the women in their lives that they care about.  Don't they have mothers, cousins, aunts, daughters or sisters?  Would they want their mothers, aunts, cousins, daughters, or sisters being treated the way they apparently treat women?

Disgusting...  and, by the way, the guy in the above photo is so obviously a cretin.  The gold chain and neanderthal expression on his face are dead giveaways.  I wonder who decided he would be the best spokesmodel for the Girls Chase site?    

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