Thursday, January 8, 2015

A man with two dicks and a woman who knits from her vagina...

Seriously, these are two people I found out about yesterday.  I remember when I was growing up, people used to talk about television being full of trash.  I would say the Internet kind of is, too.  On the other hand, both of these people are real.  The man with two penises is one of one in 5.5 million men who has a condition called diphalia.  He goes by the name DiphallicDude (or Double Dick Dude- DDD) and has actually written a book, which I have already downloaded and will likely read very soon.  If you click the link, be warned that there is a picture of this man's two dicks on the page, so it's probably not safe for work.

The woman who knits from her vagina is Australian feminist artist Casey Jenkins.  Back in 2013, she had wool in her vagina that had been wound so that it would unravel from the center.  She'd put a skein up inside herself every day and knit from it.  The work was officially called "Casting Off From My Womb" and Jenkins promised to knit every day for 28 days, even while menstruating.  Jenkins' art reminds me of an exhibit I saw in Glasgow, Scotland a couple of years ago called "A Womb With A View".  But it was just a huge wooden facsimile of a vagina that someone built in a museum.

A womb with a view in Glasgow...

Here in my current neck of the woods, the medical school in Tübingen, Germany (one of my favorite towns) has a sculpture of a giant vagina outside its institute for microbiology and virology.  Last year, an American student made the news when he got stuck inside the sculpture, called The Chacán-Pi (Making Love).  The sculpture was built by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara and it's been outside the institute since 2001.  Leave it to an American to get stuck inside of the giant lady bits.  It took 22 firefighters to rescue the young man, who can now say he's sort of been "born again".

My old English professor shared this hilarious, educational, and entertaining link on my Facebook this morning...  I feel blessed to have been educated by such a cool lady.  On the other hand, it's interesting that my friends share such Internet items with me.  I am probably one of their "weird friends" who is not so easily grossed out or offended.

And I also found the video below, which explains the evils of douching.

I find this woman a tad annoying, but her presentation is somewhat interesting and educational, especially to men who don't understand why douching is not a healthy thing for most women to do.  One guy said he wouldn't "go down" on a woman who didn't douche and my response is, "Fine with me..."  Some men can be such pigs.

We've got yucky weather today.  So far, I've vacuumed the house and broken in a brand new Swiffer WetJet.  I'm working on getting the laundry done.  I love it when I'm productive.


  1. People in my class this morning were most interested in the picture of the man with two penises. Even the prof had a look.

    1. Well what do you know? The Overeducated Housewife is back in school! I look forward to reading his book.


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