Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The big Virginia trip is now done.  Now it's time for the next thing on the agenda... which I am sad to say will probably involve dentistry.  I have an area around a couple of teeth that keeps swelling.  Though I'm not in any real pain right now, I fear I may get or even already have an abscess.  I have read that they don't always cause pain or fever.  I hate looking for dentists and our insurance doesn't kick in until January 1.  We may have to get in sooner so I can get this taken care of, especially since Bill is headed to Africa next week.

Bill just brought the dogs home and they are delighted to be back.  They look like they've had a good week at the Hunde Hotel.  Zane and Arran got along fine... no reports of naughtiness from Arran like we got from Camp Bow Wow.

It's also time to plan our next trip.  I think we may finally go to Ireland, which Bill and I have been dying to do for years.  But that also depends on whether or not I need a lot of dental work.  *Sigh*  It sucks getting old.

Here's a link to part one of my trip report...

Will likely be back for bitching purposes later.

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