Sunday, December 28, 2014

We're really making up for the last five years...

It's still snowing here in Germany.  If you looked at yesterday's travel blog post, you'll see that yesterday morning's snow dump was impressive.  Well, it hasn't stopped snowing yet and we have drifts of snow banked up against the house.  The accumulation is up to the dogs' chests, so they have to hop around to be able to move in it.  Zane loves playing in snow.  I think Arran does, too, but it's a little too cold for his liking.  He stays out long enough to pee and hop around for a few seconds, then comes inside.  I was fortunate enough to get him to poop out there today.  I should probably mark it on the calendar, since he doesn't like to poop outside while on a leash.

The above pictures are what it looks like outside right now.  If you compare them to the one I posted the other day, it's pretty telling...  And Germans are pretty anal retentive about snow, too.  On weekdays, it has to be shoveled by 7:00am and if someone comes by and hurts themselves on an unshoveled walk, you are liable.  On Sundays, you have until 8:00am.  Fortunately, we don't have a sidewalk in front of our house, so only the driveway needs doing.

We were caught without a snow shovel yesterday, so Bill cleared the snow with a broom.  Then, after I cajoled him about it, he went out and got a shovel, which is a good thing, since the snow is still coming down and the weather reports say the temperatures are going to stay below freezing for the next few days.  You're also not supposed to use salt, though I think Bill did anyway.

Moving on... I found this great I-Am-An-ExMormon video yesterday...  It's a pretty funny story and I like the lady who is telling it.  Suffice to say, if you are LDS, you apparently need to pay attention to what kind of tights you wear.

I may be arsed to write more later.  For now, I need food.  It's 10:45am and I haven't had breakfast yet.

Incidentally, had my dad lived, today would have been my parents' 57th wedding anniversary.  I'm sure my mom will enjoy herself today, though.  

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