Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time to tackle the shit that needs doing...

So as we were driving home from our Sunday shopping chores today, I listed all the things that need to be done before I will feel like I can relax and enjoy Europe... and plan another outing somewhere.

1.  Dogs' teeth need to be cleaned.  That will be taken care of this week.  Arran goes in tomorrow and Zane goes on Thursday.  They will be pissed when they don't get fed by Bill on his way to work.

2.  The SUV needs new tires.  That will probably be taken care of after the holidays.

3.  I need to get to a dentist.  Hopefully, I can hold off until after the holidays, but I know I need to go in ASAP.  I miss the days when taking care of my teeth was effortless.  Still have no pain, fever, or swollen lymph nodes, but something is making my gum inflamed.

4.  Bill needs a cleaning.

5.  My car needs to be serviced.  Again, after New Year's.

6.  Bill needs to join ADAC, which is basically the German version of the Auto Club.  He was a member last time we were here and it paid for itself the first and only time we came back to a dead car battery after a trip to Scandinavia.

7.  Bill (and maybe I) need to get international driving permits.  Chances are, no one will ever look at them, but you don't want to be caught without one if you aren't in Germany.  Fines can be steep.

8.  We need a plumber to fix the clog that is making showering a pain.  Hopefully, the landlady will get one out to us ASAP.  Maybe this time, we won't get a nastygram with a bill like we did in Texas.

Other than that, life is humming along.  I have so many first world problems it's not funny.  I need to be less stressed out about stupid things and enjoy this time.  I'm thinking I'd like to go to Amsterdam... or the Loire Valley...  or Ireland... or Vienna.  The possibilities are endless.    

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