Friday, December 19, 2014

Stephen Collins says "I'm not a pedophile"...

What is it with actors who play dads of big families on prime time TV?  There have been rumors circulating about Bill Cosby for years, though it's only been recently that so many women have come out and accused him of drugging and raping them.  And then there's Stephen Collins, who has openly admitted exposing himself to a teenager and causing a girl to "touch him inappropriately".  Collins, at least, is admitting what he did, while Cosby won't even address the accusations.

Stephen Collins infamously played Revered Eric Camden on the CW's 7th Heaven,  a show I love to hate.  On that show, he was father to seven kids and father figure to a bunch of other kids.  So far, no one from that show has accused him of "touching inappropriately" or exposing himself.  But it does remind one that actors aren't necessarily who they portray on TV.

On Yahoo! today, Katie Couric is shown asking the former RevCam if he's a pedophile.  Collins emphatically states that he doesn't fit the definition of a pedophile.  He claims that he is not attracted to children and committed those actions because he sought attention.  Okay then...

Actually, while the idea of someone being sexually attracted to children is repulsive to me, I don't necessarily think that every one who commits a sexual crime against children is definitely attracted to them.  Sometimes people just want to hurt other people.  I do think Mr. Collins has some "issues" though, regardless of the reason(s) why he did what he did to those girls.

The little bit of the interview between Couric and Collins is interesting.  I almost wish I were in the States so I could see it aired on 20/20 tonight.  Maybe I will be able to watch it on ABC's Web site.  Apparently, Collins' estranged wife thinks he has narcissistic personality disorder.  I'd like to hear more about that.  Of course, the fact that he's speaking to the media about this situation does make him seem somewhat less creep like.  On the other hand, I wasn't a big fan of Stephen Collins' work even before this stuff came out.

It'll be interesting to see what else comes out about this... and how it makes Collins look in the long run.


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