Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ohio kid refuses to do homework until school brings back Ten Commandments plaque...

Special thanks to my Facebook friend, Scooter, for posting about this...  Sometimes I need something really ridiculous to write about on my blog.  

Anthony Miller, a high school freshman at Harding High School in Marion, Ohio, is protesting.  He's on strike, don'tcha know.  What's got him upset?  A plaque that was gifted to the school from the class of 1953 was removed.  The plaque was a copy of the Ten Commandments and it hung for years in a stairway near the school's entrance.  The school's principal has said that the plaque is "gone for good" and that has Anthony and some other students upset.

What has Miller done to protest?  He's quit participating in class.  He goes to school because he has to by law, but he's not doing homework or participating in any activities.  Miller says he's doing it because the Ten Commandments are rules that everyone should follow.  Miller and the other students who are protesting have also passed around a petition.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the Ten Commandments.  I don't think they are offensive.  But then, I was raised Christian.  Not everyone was.  Moreover, a public school, as a government funded institution paid for by taxes that everyone contributes, should not be promoting a specific religious belief.  If you want religion promoted in your school, go to a private school.  As an American, you have that choice.

While I guess it's admirable that school officials are even talking to Miller and his peers about this situation, I have to wonder why it should matter to anyone that Miller has decided not to do his schoolwork.  Not doing his work or participating in school activities is only going to hurt him.  It's his grades and education that are going to suffer.  A few years from now, as Miller prepares for adulthood, will people care that he went on strike to save the Ten Commandments plaque?  My guess is that most of them won't.  This isn't a situation in which Miller's choice not to do his work inconveniences anyone.  In the long run, it's Miller who will suffer the consequences.

I guess I should be glad that Miller even cares enough to do something.  A lot of people don't care enough to get involved in issues that affect them.   But hell, if you're going to protest, do something that has some teeth.  Not doing your work or participating in high school activities isn't effective.  In fact, I'm surprised this is even news.


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