Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Duggar snark... #4 for Josh and Anna...

So, according to my daily Duggar news roll, it seems Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their fourth child.  Anna is reportedly nine weeks pregnant and dealing with morning sickness once again.  I only hope that when this child is born next summer, she births somewhere other than the toilet.  I thought it was funny when Anna offered a subtle FU Internets when she commented that when she was having her son Michael on the toilet,  she "didn't care" where he came out.  Which is fine if your home birth isn't being filmed for the world to see.  But if you're a reality TV star, you might be better off birthing in the tub.

I wish Anna a happy and healthy pregnancy... but jeez, the news outlets are sure saturated with Duggar news.  I know I'm part of the problem.  I shouldn't care what they do or read articles about them.  I shouldn't write blog posts about them.  And yet, I can't help but be aware of them because they are always in the news.  I kind of mourn the days when we only got news two or three times a day and it highlighted the stuff that was actually important.  But maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic and forgetting how things really were.  I'm sure older folks in my childhood would have preferred the way things were in the 60s or something.

I think it must be hard to be "flavor of the week" when you're a Duggar.  Someone's always got "news" of some sort.  First Jessa was courting.  Then Jill jumped on the wedding bandwagon.  Then Jill got married and knocked up.  Then Jessa got married and kissed her boy groom behind closed doors.  Then Josh and Anna conceived...  wonder who's next?  All this stuff should keep their show on the air for at least another season or so... and we won't be bored by filler episodes featuring Amy Duggar (who's really Amy Jordan, but Duggar is a more bankable name) and her questionable foray into the music business.

It's not that I don't think Amy can sing.  She can.  But she's not an exceptional singer by any means.  In fact, I think she'd make a better actress or even comedienne than a singer.  She kind of reminds me of one of my cousins, too.  She looks like her and acts like her, even though she's about ten years younger.  Every time I see Amy on TV, I think of my cousin, which isn't a bad thing, since I do love my cousin.  But I think Amy tries too hard to sound like all the other pop/country singers out there who have more natural talent than she does.

Anyway, since I lost interest in America's Next Top Model when Tyra fired the Jays and I never got interested in Honey Boo Boo, I guess I need to find more trash to occupy my time.  And yes, I do consider the Duggars' TV show "trash", despite their homespun family values.  I'm not a fan of their anti-gay agenda or the stupid things they say.  But I sure do get a lot of news about them.

In other news, we got a little snow this morning.  Nothing stuck, but it looks like winter is on the way...

My travel blog posting this morning is probably more interesting than today's rant is...  ;)

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