Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gonna be another one of 'dem days...

I've mostly gotten over my cold, only to be visited by Aunt Flow.  My dental issue seems somewhat better, only now my neck and the back of my head are sore, probably from looking at my teeth over and over again.  Either that, or my lymph nodes might be starting to swell, though I can't palpate them yet.  I feel kind of fatigued and have a bit of a headache.

And then when I went to wash clothes this morning, the washing machine was full of standing water, even though the door was wide open.  We bailed the water out and trouble shot the machine, looking for clogs and kinks and finding none.

We ended up calling the landlord after determining that it wasn't the machine that was the issue.  Somewhere there's a clog in the drainage system, as I noticed while Bill was taking a shower the water was draining into the washing machine.  So now Bill is downstairs trying to get the washing machine to drain.  He has a paper to write, so dealing with this plumbing issue means that he's not getting his work done.  And I can't get my laundry done.

I was hoping we could have some fun this weekend, but it doesn't look like that's in the cards.  We can use the downstairs plumbing, but the upstairs bathroom is a bit dodgy right now.

Seems like bad stuff all seems to happen at once sometimes.  I know things could be worse, though.

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