Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woman who cuts man's penis with box cutter doesn't get jail time...

Meet Bonita Lynn Vela.  She's 35 years old, lives in Indiana, and apparently enjoys smoking weed.  She has kids.  One of her kids is a daughter who, back in December 2013, was dating an 18 year old man.

One night, Ms. Vela apparently smoked some marijuana, after which she suspected the 18 year old man of molesting her toddler aged son.  So Ms. Vela and two other people trapped the 18 year old in a trailer for three hours and cut his penis with a boxcutter.  She allegedly said that she wanted him to see the scar every time he has sex.

The reason I'm writing about this today is because someone posted a link to a story about it on Facebook.  Apparently, Ms. Vela will not serve any jail time for assaulting this man and cutting his dick with a boxcutter.  Instead, she will serve ten months of home detention followed by six months of probation.

I have yet to see any indication that the 18 year old whose junk was cut was ever actually found guilty of molesting Ms. Vela's son.  He denied the charges vehemently and his identity was not revealed in the news articles about this case.  Moreover, Ms. Vela admits that besides the pot, she may have ingested other drugs at the time the altercation occurred.  Isn't raging paranoia one side effect of marijuana?  Is it possible that the drugs influenced Ms. Vela's fears that her child was defiled by the 18 year old?  I think so...  but I am no expert and only know what I've read.

Now it seems to me that if the situation was reversed and it was a father cutting a woman's vaginal area with a boxcutter, he'd end up doing some hard time in prison, even if he caught her redhanded in the act of molesting his child.  Ms. Vela never saw the young man harming her boy.  She merely "suspected it", and only after ingesting mind and mood altering substances.

Imagine how that young man must have felt with a crazed woman and two friends threatening him.  During the attack, Vela apparently told him he had a choice between his "manhood" and his life.  Tough choice, under the circumstances.

What disturbs me about this case is that many people are hailing this woman as a heroine.  People think she's awesome for unlawfully detaining this young man and assaulting him with a boxcutter, even though there is currently no proof that he even did anything to warrant this attack.  Even if he did do what she claims, it's not her place to exact vigilante justice.  Justice should be up to a court of law.

I get that parents are protective of their kids and we all like to think that if someone harmed them, we'd fight like a wild animal to protect them.  But in a civilized society, we shouldn't be condoning what this woman did, unless she happened to walk in on him hurting her child.  At that point, she'd have the right to protect the boy, but I doubt the situation would allow for her to torture the attacker by cutting his penis with a boxcutter.  Instead, we'd expect her to do something to get the man away from her son, even if it meant killing him with a gun.  It looks like she meant to hurt and humiliate her victim, not stop him in the act of harming someone else.

Based on her violent actions, I have a feeling that Ms. Vela may have herself been a victim of sexual assault of molestation.  If that's true, I have a lot of empathy for her.  But that doesn't give her the right to victimize other people.

I think people need to rethink their knee jerk reactions to these kinds of stories.  Nobody likes a pervert and we all like to hear and read about heroes.  But I don't think Bonita Lynn Vela is a heroine in this situation.  She's a violent criminal who ought to spend some time cooling off in a prison cell... preferably with some intensive therapy thrown in.  It doesn't even look like she got in trouble for using illegal drugs.

"Wanna get high?"



  1. This seems like a weirder v ersion of that Eliie nesler case from the 80's or 90's in Sonora, CA. Some guy had been accused of molesting Ellie Nesler's son and a few other boys at a christian camp. In some pre-trial heaering, Ellie Nesler shot the accused fived times in the head and killed him. She was convicted of 9I think) first-degree murder, but was able to get charges reduced because of some jury misconduct, and ended up getting off with serving just 3 years. she then was found guilty of something like manufacturing meth and did maybe 10 years. She was released early because she was dying of breast cancer.

    It's siilar in the obvious sense that both women sought vigilante justice. The cases were dissimilar in that, even though Nesler took the law into her own hands, there must have been at least a little evidence beyond drug induced paranoia since the case actually made it to some phase of the courtrooom process. Mabe i'm totally offbase here, but I think it takes a bigger sicko to cut someone's penis with a box cutter than for someone to shoot a person in the head iene if the outcome in the shooting isultimately worse.

    1. Yeah... I mean, not long ago, there was a case about a guy who beat the hell out of some kid he caught raping his son. I think that happened in Texas. The guy didn't get into any trouble because he actually caught the boy redhanded. He didn't kill him, but he sure did beat the shit out of him. And in Texas, that's alright.

      While I understand the sentiment of wanting to maim people who are victimizing children, in this case, there was no actual proof that the guy ever did what he was accused of doing. Moreover, the woman was high when she carried out this act and, presumably, also had a two year old to care for. Seems to me someone should be investigating HER.


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