Monday, November 17, 2014

Twelve years...

Yesterday, Bill and I celebrated 12 years together.  It's hard to believe we've been married that long.  We didn't do much of anything special because it was Sunday and we have this big trip to the States coming up next week.  But Bill presented me with a new iPad, which I had really been wanting since my old one is from 2011 and has been beaten to a pulp with heavy use.  He also got me a mushy card and a box of Godiva truffles.

Later, after a nice breakfast, we did our usual Sunday shopping.  We picked up a couple of things at the PX, then had lunch at the same Irish pub we went to last weekend.  I blogged about it on my travel blog and will write another post today about yesterday's visit.  Then we went to the commissary and picked up some essentials for the week.  And we also went to the Class VI store.

We were going to just get a bottle of mid range champagne, but they didn't have much of a decent selection.  So we bought Dom Perignon.  It was our second taste of this legendary and very expensive champagne.  Our first happened last time we were in Germany and we tried the 2000 cuvee vintage.  Last night's bottle was from 2004.  I can't say it pleased me much more than Taittinger would have (Taittinger is still my favorite, though it costs a third of what Dom costs), but it was very nice just the same.

I listened to mushy Van Morrison songs and hung out online while Bill finished this week's schoolwork.  We also picked up a Belgian beer gift set.  It has twelve beers from six areas and six glasses.  That ought to be fun to test out in the coming weeks!

I feel very fortunate to have found Bill all those years ago in the most unlikely place...  It all worked out beautifully for us, despite his ex wife's and ex kids' stupidity and nastiness.  I am hoping for many more good years.  And I am VERY grateful we aren't being forced by some judge to pay for Bill's ex kids' college educations, especially since they don't deign to speak to Bill and have replaced him with their mother's third husband.

Dom goes well with Formula 409...

Bill is the king of mushy cards...

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