Thursday, November 13, 2014

The phantom poo...

Something funny happened last night.  I was sitting in my big room.  I have my computer set up in an alcove, which gives the illusion that I have a smaller "office", but really it's a large room.  I smelled dog crap.  The weird thing is, my dogs' poop smells a little like baked goods.  It's not really stinky like most turds are.  I don't know why that is, but I guess I'm grateful.  On the other hand, sometimes it takes awhile before I find the presents my dogs sometimes leave for me.

I swear, they were house trained, but this house has hosted a lot of animals.  And because some animals have taken liberties with toileting in the house, we've been experiencing a bit of a lapse in training.  Complicating matters is the fact that Zane is taking medication that makes him need to pee.  He usually tells me when he needs to go out by whining at me, but sometimes he doesn't and he'll sneak off and leave me a surprise.  And that can lead to the phantom poo...  They usually leave it in the basement, where at least the floor is concrete.  Sometimes, they go elsewhere if the mood strikes.

So anyway, last night, I swore I could smell dog shit.  I got up to look and didn't see any.  Awhile later, I went into the office Bill fashioned for himself.  He was in there working on his latest online course.  I was about to talk to him about something unrelated, when I spied a huge pile of dog crap about three feet from his chair.  He had been in there for at least an hour and never noticed it.  I, on the other hand, could smell the shit from two rooms away.

When I wrote about this online, someone told me they thought he'd set me up and pretended not to smell it so I would clean it up.  But no, once I pointed it out to Bill, he cleaned up the mess.  Like I said, for some reason, my dogs' poop isn't as foul as most.  Bill's schoolwork must have been fascinating.

Good thing they're cute...

Moving on...

My sister wrote back and, happily, didn't upset me.  I remain cautiously optimistic that no drama will erupt before we get to Virginia.

Last night, I was enjoying a hilarious message exchange with a German man living in Austria who sings karaoke on  He often listens to my recordings and leaves me comments.  I introduced him to the song, "Softly and Tenderly", which I am singing for my dad's memorial.  He liked it so much that he learned it and sang with me.  He doesn't have a great voice, but his sense of humor more than makes up for it.  Let's just say, he's quite witty!

I am hoping Bill and I can go to Vienna at some point.  If we do, my karaoke friend says he'll show us around and perhaps we'll hit a karaoke bar!  I haven't been to Vienna since 1997, so it's definitely on the list!

Talking to him led me to, which is where I ended up purchasing a beer advent calendar.  Yes, that's a thing here in Germany.  You can actually buy advent calendars that offer a beer a day rather than chocolate.  I suspect I'll need more than one.

I am almost sure to post again today...  I see a lot of things I can bitch about.  It's like a cornucopia of bitchworthy news items...

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