Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Planning my dad's memorial... Zane's allergies

Last night, I got an email from one of my sisters.  She wanted some photos and thoughts about my dad.  I have to admit, whenever I get emails from this particular sister, I get a bit nervous.  She rubs me the wrong way.  I am sure the issue is as much mine as it is hers.

Anyway, I sent her some photos and gave her some of my thoughts about our dad.  I thought maybe the tribute I wrote might have been more "honest" than what she's looking for.  But then I reread it and I don't think it was.  I could have been a lot more bitter and "honest" than I was...  She hasn't responded yet.  I kind of hope she doesn't, unless it's to say something nice.  Her emails usually piss me off.

It's already November 12 and we'll be in the States in a couple of weeks.  I am hoping for drama free and fun.  I should try to enjoy it, but I have to admit the whole thing is stressing me out a bit.

We took the dogs to the German vet yesterday.  It was mainly to check them out and determine when they need their next shots.  Germans do things differently than Americans do.  Our vet in Texas was sending me emails about our dogs being past due for services, but our German vets are saying they aren't due until February.  We are going to get our dogs' teeth cleaned, though.  Both really need it.  After we're back from the States, they will each go in and get done.  Both had blood drawn for pre-surgical analysis.

Zane has allergies that I notice have gotten worse since we've been in Germany.  We have him on a short course of prednisone now to see if that helps.  If not, then he probably has food allergies and will have to go on an elimination diet.  I sort of dread that process.  So far, the prednisone seems to be making him hungrier and thirstier, as it tends to do... He drinks more, has to pee more, and wants to eat.  However, I do notice that he doesn't seem quite so itchy.  We'll see if his pink paws will turn white again.  We already know that he doesn't do very well with beef.  If we give him more than a little bit, he throws up.

We gave our dog, MacGregor, prednisone when he had his spinal tumor.  It was a bit of a wonder drug, though it gave him a pot belly and made him thirsty, hungry, and needing to pee all the time.  I miss that dog so much.  It still breaks my heart that he got cancer and was in so much pain from the tumor he had.

Apparently, there's no need to give heartworm preventative here.  Heartworms are carried by infected mosquitoes and I guess Germany doesn't have so many of those, though there are certainly mosquitoes here.  The vet said if we were in Italy or southern France, we'd be more at risk.  It's fine with me.  One less thing to worry about.

We will take Zane back next week to see how the prednisone is working.

The next order of business is finding a dentist.  I am in need of a cleaning in a big way.

Maybe later, I'll find something to opine about.

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