Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Manhattans in juice glasses... Have you hugged your veteran today?

Last night, Bill brought me a Manhattan, which happens to be my mom's favorite cocktail.  Since we neglected to bring proper old fashioned glasses, he served it to me in a juice glass.  I determined that we need to drive to Tubingen, which is a nearby cute town, and see if we can find some decent glassware for cocktails.

It's Veteran's Day, which means our wedding anniversary is just around the corner.  It's number 12 for us.  It would have been nice to go somewhere to celebrate, but since Bill is a contractor, he doesn't get those nice four day weekends he used to get.  So instead, we're taking the dogs to the German vet and getting them up to date.

I read an article the other day by Salon.com.  It was basically about how veterans aren't really worthy of all the "thanking them" people do for their service.  It also painted them in a bit of an unflattering light, reminding us that veterans aren't necessarily heroes.  And I guess I get that...  I mean, most of them aren't on the front lines in acute danger every day.  Bill was deployed once.  Granted, it was with a narcissistic boss who put him through hell in a war zone, but he wasn't in a lot of danger in terms of being kidnapped or killed by the enemy.

However, due to his career as an Army guy, my husband has some lingering physical problems that were brought on by the constant need to stay in shape for PT tests.  He has arthritis and by the end of his Army career, wasn't allowed to run.  His hearing isn't the best, due to time he spent in a tank.  He has high blood pressure, which he'd probably have anyway because his dad has it.  But his came on when he was working in the Pentagon during the whole 9/11 era.  And he was actually in the Pentagon on 9/11, too.

While I understand that some people think military veterans get too much praise and too many benefits, I will also say that most people don't have to do what veterans do to stay in uniform.  And a lot of veterans don't actually make the military a career, so most of them don't get the generous benefits.  The ones who do make it a career, by and large, deserve what they get.  By and large, it's not an easy lifestyle for service members or their families...  although I will admit for me personally, the military lifestyle hasn't sucked.

I never could have worn a uniform.  I don't have the right physique or temperament.  I have a lot less tolerance for bullshit and unfairness than my husband does.  And there's a lot of both in the military.

Anyway, I'm just glad Bill got the day off.  I'm glad he finished his career whole and without significant PTSD.  I'm going to wish him a happy Veteran's Day.


  1. Cousin Kevin and almost-cousin Andrew came by. and I hugged both of them today. Unfortunatle my uncles wh are either veterans or in active duty are all in different states.

    1. Mr. Bill and I had a big event when we took our dogs to the vet.


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