Wednesday, November 26, 2014

LDS Business College student ashamed to wear beard permission card...

Yes, you read that right.  According to, Paolo Quezada, a student at Salt Lake City's LDS Business College was humiliated because he had to wear a card on a lanyard around his neck showing that he had the school's permission to wear a beard.  Mr. Quezada was involved with making church films and so was growing a beard for that purpose.

Because beards are typically not allowed at LDS owned colleges, those who have them for health reasons must carry a card that explains their condition.  Evidently, because Mr. Quezada had a beard for non health related reasons, he was required to wear the lanyard in a place where people could see it easily.  He was also required to dress in a suit and tie while he had the beard to "compensate" for not being clean shaven.  The card listed the terms and conditions for wearing said beard.  He wasn't allowed sideburns or a goatee, for instance.

Quezada says his classmates made fun of him, which caused him embarrassment great enough that he decided to shave.  My question is...  are you really 23 years old?  And you're at a school where your classmates laugh and point at you for wearing a stupid lanyard?  And you're wearing the lanyard for a ridiculous rule at a school you presumably pay to attend?  Really?

I only hope this fellow grows a set and finds his way to a happier existence.  Willfully paying to attend a school that dictates facial hair (aside from, say, military schools) and getting an education at a place where classmates make fun of you for wearing a lanyard per school policy just goes to show the maturity level of the people who run and attend your alma mater.  I hope the humiliation and the media attention garnered from it will inspire Mr. Quezada to see the light of a freer existence.


  1. Obedience! Obedience! If his mates laughed at him, it was probably because he wasn't being obedient enough!

    (Just being snarky, of course... I do feel a bit bad for kids growing up in that cult. To get to be 23 and still surrounded by grade school mentality not only from his peers but also from his elders... That's gotta suck!).

  2. On a different note, Happy Thanksgiving!! :oD


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