Thursday, November 13, 2014

JimBoob and Michelle Duggar and their incessant attention whoring...

This morning, I counted three articles on my front page about the Duggar family.  All three articles were non news.  One was about Josh and Anna Duggar and their road trip to Chicago, which was this week's episode of 19 Kids and Counting.  At the end of the episode, there was a preview for next week that showed Anna taking a pregnancy test.  Naturally, since the episode was filmed in the summer and the Duggars are very quick to announce their pregnancies, we know she's not expecting.  And the article on my news feed confirmed it.

The next article was about Jill Dillard and how much she loves her covenant marriage.  She's thrilled to be married to Derick Dillard and how awesome being preggo is.  I've come to like Jill, though I've seen way too many non news articles about her new marriage and pregnancy.  I think she and Derick should just relax and enjoy being married.  Of course they aren't going to talk about hating being married, so why do we need the incessant non news articles about their wedded bliss?  We get it.

And finally, today's big Duggar news is that JimBoob and Michelle, not content to let newly married daughter Jessa have a moment in the sun with a steamy kissing photo with her new husband, Ben, had to post their own kissing photo and more platitudes about how "in love" they are after 30 years of marriage.  As an addendum to the kissing photo, the Duggars apparently didn't take kindly to the gay couples who decided to post their own pictures.  One poster said he was blocked from their page, banned from liking, commenting, or posting to the page.  For all the Duggars' talk of love, they sure don't seem very accepting of it from people who aren't like them.

Granted, it's their Facebook page and up to them what they want posted on it... but since they are constantly in the news with non news and in the public's consciousness, I feel pretty fair in accusing them of attention whoring.  And actually, that behavior is pretty narcissistic, which doesn't seem very Christlike.  It also smacks of desperation.

It did occur to me that I actually enjoyed watching Josh and Anna.  Their kids are cute and they don't seem as batshit weird as Boob and Michelle do.  I think I wouldn't mind seeing more episodes focused on the younger couples and less on Ma and Pa Duggar.

But really, I suppose I should break the habit and go back to not watching their show.  I am obviously part of the problem.




  1. I find that show to be extremely annoying and boring....also hypocritical in that the litter wasn't allowed to watch tv until they were actually going to cash in on it....I was enraged at reading that Jim Bob and Michelle want to adopt a child!!!! I don't watch it but I keep seeing the news pop up....I think I watched a part of an episode..never again....I don't know exactly what a quiver is or why it takes so many babies to fill it but more power to them....just be's about the money and THANK YOU for calling them out on attention whoring...

    1. Yeah, I was also outraged when the Duggars started talking about adoption. Imagine being the child that Michelle didn't deliver... Besides, they are too old and already have too many kids.


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