Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jessa and Ben and their private first kiss...

Much has been made about Jessa and Ben Seewald's wedding ceremony and how they chose to sneak away to kiss in private.  From what I've read, JimBoob and Michelle were completely in the dark about this turn of events.  And Boob apparently was telling the TV crew that he wanted some editing to make it look like he and his wife knew about the secretive kiss.

If what the blogger posts is true, I bet he was pissed that Jessa did this, but she appears to be a rather strong willed person.  Whether it's true or not, I think it's awesome that she and Ben made the decision to kiss privately.  Who wants their very first kiss on television for consumption by the masses?

JimBoob appears to be a bit of a control freak.  And it would be very cool if Jessa and Ben really didn't tell him or Michelle about it, because they no doubt would have opined...  And truly, it was their wedding and they are now adults.  Since Jessa has been on TV for the past ten years or so, I'm sure she'd like to keep some aspects of her life private.  Whether she told Boob or not, good for her.

Incidentally, the blog I linked to above already has some *interesting* comments about Jessa and Ben.  The woman who writes it was *evidently* there to see the wedding, so she must know the family in some way, right?  She writes of Jessa:

Thinking about it now, I really shouldn't have been so shocked. Jessa is a very strong minded young lady. Hopefully marriage will sort that mess out.

That comment pissed off a reader, who wrote:

You hope marriage with sort what mess out? Her being a "very strong minded young lady"? Heaven forbid she has opinions and a mind of her own! I really hope you didn't intend for you comment to come off that way. I found it very offensive. Can you please clarify one way or another?

I might need to get some popcorn.  Or maybe not.  I think popcorn might be the reason I needed rum for my toothache the other day.

More fun comments from this particular post...  I really need to read more Christian blogs.  They are fascinating!

* I just hope Jessa doesn't stray from her intended role as wife and mother. I'm worried that Ben is a little more lax than the Duggars. He watches some television. He also doesn't stop Jessa when she cuts him off when he is talking and corrects him. This is not a good start. But maybe Ben will feel more comfortable with it now that he is her headship. I just pray it works out. It is so difficult to find good and Godly young men for role models for my sons.

* Jessa shows her knees too much! In the rehearsal picture, when they ran out of the church, the thin dress fabric contoured to her body and rode up showing her knees. She's had short skirts in other photos too. Ben better get a handle on this or who knows what she will show next!

* Their wedding day IS NOT about them! A wedding day is ALL about the LORD!!1!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!11! I am appalled by Jessa's head strong attitude, she needs to fall to her knees and pray that sweet Jesus will forgive her. Ben and Jessa need to concentrate more on the Lord's work and NOT on taking a barrage of "selfies"! I agree that hopefully Ben will whip that strong mindedness out of her, he is now her headship, she is now his wife and needs to cater to his needs and when the children arrive she will cater to them also. For any heathens who do not know how a real GODLY family works: GOD>Husband/ Father> Sons> Daughters> Mother/ Wife!!!!!11!!!11!
It is the LORD's will that a woman give herself completely to GOD and servitude to her husband and children!!!!!! If she does not PRAY to SWEET JESUS the devil will make her into a WHORE and DRUG ADDICT!!!! The DEMOCRATS will steal her mind away and turn her into a LESBIAN PROSTITUTE!!!!!!

Please tell me some of these comments were posted by trolls.  Please?  The last one probably was.  It just has that look.  

19 Kids and Counting is kind of a funny show.  Every once in awhile, if you watch closely, you can see some of the older kids showing that they have a will of their own.  I remember one episode showed Jessa rolling her eyes at Boob, which I thought was hysterical.  I mean, I'm sure that kind of behavior gets the Duggar kids in trouble, but I was glad to see she had some spirit and a mind of her own.

I have a feeling that Jessa will wear the pants in the Seewald household.  She is older than Ben is and he appears to be a bit obsequious.  I did notice him allowing JimBoob to lead him around by the necktie in Jill's wedding episode.  But time will tell...

Adding to this-- I see Kirk Cameron was also a guest.  I remember when I was 13, all my friends had mad crushes on him.  He was still pretty normal in those days.  Now he's turned into a nut.

I believe the blogger above commented that Kirk wasn't interested in talking to the non-Duggars.  Typical celebitchy behavior, despite his Christian leanings...  I'm not so impressed, though I did watch him on Growing Pains for years.  I think I like his sister, Candace, better.

*Yes, I met Kirk Cameron. He was... well I wasn't a Duggar, so I didn't matter quite so much. He was rather gruff with those who were not superstar celebrities like himself and the Bates and the Duggars.

Asshole.  Of course, the blogger I referenced is probably posting satire.  I'll never know.  It's fun reading, though.

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