Monday, November 24, 2014

Here it comes...

Bill is going to take our dogs to the Hunde Hotel this morning because they have to be dropped off either between 10 and 11 or 4 and 5.  He needs to work, so he's going to take them in earlier.  Tomorrow, we'll get on the plane and fly to Virginia.  I will do my best to stay calm and unflappable.  Maybe I will succeed.

I have mixed feelings about this trip.  I love the Shenandoah Valley.  It's beautiful there and that's where my family is from.  I look forward to seeing some of my relatives, too.  On the other hand, there are other people I'd just as soon avoid.  It's going to be an emotional trip.  I've come to enjoy quieter gatherings with just Bill and the dogs.  And I'm also not looking forward to the long plane ride and jet lag.  I am determined to go, though, and will try to enjoy myself as much as possible.  A week from today, we'll be in Paris...  God willing.  Then we can come back and start planning a fun trip somewhere we really want to go.

Yesterday, someone on RfM posted about Merrill Osmond.  I took particular notice because I think Merrill Osmond is the brother who weirds me out the most.  It's probably because I watched a BBC documentary about The Osmond Brothers and learned that on his Web site he offers to call people.  Yes, for $35, you can order a phone call from Merrill Osmond.  That, in and of itself, would be weird.  But according to the BBC documentary, which at the time it was made, Merrill called people for $27.99 for 8 minutes (@5:30), Merrill claimed that most people who want phone calls from him are suicidal.  So instead of encouraging them to call a suicide hotline or a private counselor or get themselves to an emergency room, Merrill offers to charge them $35 for an eight minute phone call during which he might talk them out of doing themselves in.  Merrill was bulimic and evidently suicidal himself (@4:20) at one time, so he "gets it"... and for $35, you can get it too.

It's a little sad, really.  I mean, there was a time when the Osmonds were very popular and worth a lot of money.  Maybe they are still popular in some circles and may still have a lot of money.  But they are no longer flavor of the week.  I get the sense that that's a tough thing for a couple of the brothers, Merrill especially.

I do vaguely remember when they were really popular.  I was a mere tyke when they were at the top of their game.  I think my older sisters had a couple of their albums.  I have very faint memories of them owning albums on vinyl by the Osmonds.  I distinctly remember hearing Donny Osmond sing "Go Away Little Girl".  Sometimes I think I really should have been born in the 60s.  But then I'd be even older than I am now.


  1. is merrill the brother that tried to turn his own offspring into a modern verson of the Osmond Borhters? He, or whichever one did that, has very little of my respect. they range from claiming that being an Osmond gave them cancer (Wayne) or ruined their lives, or was just too difficut a life through which to put kids, and in the last case, tbey're probably correct. but then to attempt to do the same thing to one's own offspring really reeks. If the situation was bad enough to make Merrill bulimic and suicidal, why ould he subject his offspring to the same envirnment. but then, maybe it was alan, the gestapo and junior version of g/eorge, who pimped out his kids. I get them confused.

    One thing I find a little weird is that Jimmy, who was the ultimate strange child, is arguably the most normal of the lot now. I find Donny likable in media appearances (who knows if that's the real Donny?) but i think he's been quite negatively affected by the whole experience.

    The sad thing is that they admit to having hated it, yet they stay in it ("Dancing with the Stars," etc) because there's really not much else they can do to support their families in the style to which they've become accustomed. I just can't see Donny and his wife happily living off Donny's salary as a Costco floor employee.

    1. No, I think that was Alan. I think at least one of Merrill's kids is deaf.


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