Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ex-Mormons are some of my favorite people...

And it's not just because I'm married to one...

Truly, as I was sitting here this morning reading RfM, I was thinking about how awesome so many of them are.  Many of them are very good people and they have some of the best characteristics that active church members have.  They are mostly brave people, too, because by leaving the church, they often lose family members and friends.  And quite a lot of them are very smart folks.  They don't blindly accept things they hear.  They have strong critical thinking skills.  And quite a few of them are witty as hell, too.

Yes, I've run into a few former Mormons who aren't so nice.  Some of them get on my nerves.  I have had arguments with quite a few of them, too.  But by and large, they are an impressive group of people.

And it occurs to me that I have my husband's ex wife to thank... because had she not gotten Bill involved with the LDS church, I never would have been exposed to this group of fine folks.  As I write this, Bill has brought me an enormous margarita.  It's not even noon yet.  I have the ex to thank for that, too, since nothing I do looks bad compared to her shenanigans.

Like I said, ex Mormons are some of my favorite people...



  1. Something about having been a member of the fold and then finding one's way out seems to give the aberage former Mormon a glimpse of the big picture - a sort of perpsectice concerning what is truly important in lige, and what is just another piece of the small studd.

    1. I just think they are often interesting people... a lot of them are justifiably angry, too. It takes guts to leave the church.

  2. Hahaha. Well, I don't do alcohol, but will toast a good cup of hot cocoa to ex-mo-ism. :o) Good escape for Bill and good find for you!


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