Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dad's memorial...

It went off without a hitch.  We had beautiful sunny weather, though it was very cold outside.  My uncle made a beautiful box for my dad's ashes.  We buried his ashes on a hillside overlooking the house he grew up in.  Later, there was a church service.  I sang my solo and it turned out beautifully, though I did feel a bit emotional as I was singing and tears threatened to overcome me.  My sister made a video that showcased a lot of photos... many I had never seen, including some from his time in Vietnam.

Bill and I went out to dinner and enjoyed a very nice meal and good wine.  We went back to the house for the barn party, which was preceded by a fireworks show put on by my cousin, who is a professional pyrotechnician.  A bluegrass band played live music and there was dancing and singing, and I got to join the band on a couple of songs.

I gave my sisters and cousins hugs...  and there was no fighting or sniping or bitchiness.  It was really very nice.  And then Bill and I got back to the inn after 1:00am.  I slept like a rock until about 7:00.

Today, I plan to see my old friends from college.  Maybe later, we'll go back to the house and hang out with the relatives that haven't left yet.  Then tomorrow, it's back to DC and the airport for a long ass flight to Paris.

I have had a lot of fun, though I am ready to go home and see my dogs again.  It's great to be in Virginia again.


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