Monday, October 20, 2014

Woman gets stuck in would-be boyfriend's chimney...

Just saw a video about a woman who got stuck in the chimney of a Thousand Oaks, California home. The woman, Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, had met the homeowner online and they went on a date or two.  I guess things didn't work out from the man's perspective and he started to distance himself.  Apparently, she wasn't ready to let go of the relationship.  She was on his roof once and he called the police.  Then she came back and tried to break into the house via the chimney.  Fortunately for her, a neighbor heard her yelling and texted the neighbor, who then called the cops.  The chimney was dismantled and the woman was removed, taken to the hospital, and placed in police custody.  Now the homeowner has to pay to get his chimney fixed, but at least she didn't die.

Back in 2010, I remember reading about a doctor from Bakersfield, California who who tried to break into her boyfriend's home.  49 year old Dr. Jacqueline Kotarac first used a shovel to try to gain entry to her boyfriend's house.  When that didn't work, she used a ladder, then tried to slide down the chimney a la Santa Claus.  Unfortunately, Dr. Kotarac got stuck as the man she was pursuing slipped out of the house to avoid a confrontation.  Evidently, the boyfriend, William Moodie, then left town.  Her decomposing body was found three days later by a housesitter and her son, when she noticed a bad smell and fluids leaking into the fireplace.

As bad as it is that the doctor died in her pursuit, now the homeowner has to deal with the fact that someone died in his house.  I'm sure that won't make his home as attractive to potential buyers should he ever decide to move.  I read that Dr. Kotarac supposedly was a very compassionate physician.  It wouldn't surprise me if there was a little borderline personality disorder going on with her, but of course, I can't know that for sure.  She died a terrible death that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Yesterday, I became aware of yet another crazy woman.  Kristina Riddell from Longmont, Colorado who, back in July, left her child alone in the backseat of a car, should have been arraigned in court today.  Two people passing by saw the boy and called the police.  While one of them was on the phone with the cops, the mother of the boy appeared, decked the male half of the intervening couple.  She then got in her car, backed over the woman who called the police, crushing her leg, and drove off while the man was holding on to the car.  The man got cuts and bruises but the woman was in a wheelchair and may never walk normally again.

It's been an interesting day.  It's looked like it's going to rain all afternoon, but so far heavy clouds but no rain.


  1. i don't get how a person could be intelligent enough to complete the rigorous course of study required to get through medical school yet lack the common knowledge that even the skinniest of anorexics cannot fit through the narrow width of the inside of a chimney.

    1. Obsessions can make people do crazy things.


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