Saturday, October 18, 2014

Well you're a real humdinger with a fine pedigree...

I posted that as a Facebook status last night.  My friend Andrew commented.  "Of baking little tarts and lots of fine pastry."

I wrote back, "Way to go, Andrew!"  He had figured it out...

Pat Benatar sings "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".

Back in the early 1990s, there was a board game on the market called SongBurst.  My dad bought it for me for Christmas.  I didn't get a chance to play it very often because for best results, it required two groups.  Being rather unpopular, I never had any parties, hence, I never had any groups around who wanted to play.  It might have been a good game for our annual family reunion, but it never occurred to me to bring it.  I think I might even still have the game, though it's definitely in storage in the States if I do.

Anyway, when I first got that game for Christmas, I played it with my sister.  The object of the game was to come up with the right song lyrics.  She got Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", but she couldn't remember the opening line of the song.  So she came up with, "Well you're a real humdinger with a fine pedigree..."  It cracked me up and for some reason, I thought about it last night after I finished ranting about not being recognized as one of "the grandchildren".

It turns out Andrew, who is also a music buff, also had a copy of the game.  That had nothing to do with him figuring out what I was up to, though.  The funny thing is, I've "known" Andrew for about ten years, but only online.  I have met his wife in person when we both attended an Epinions meet and greet in Washington, DC back in 2005.  But Andrew and I have not yet met in the flesh.  We have, however, read each other's reviews, bantered on Facebook, and even sung duets together on SingSnap.  It's amazing what one can do online these days.

Me and Andrew making music together.

Amazon has SongBurst for sale, though I think the seller is asking too much for it.  The 50s and 60s edition for sale is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Maybe I should buy a BowLingual instead.

I think it's gonna be a goofy day.

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