Sunday, October 5, 2014

RIP iMac...

I was all fired up to come in here and write a blog post this morning, but my desktop computer wouldn't boot.  It would start up, whir for about thirty seconds, then I'd hear a click and it would quit. After doing a diagnostic test, I determined that my Mac died in her sleep last night.  Apparently, the disk is failing or failed.  I might as well take it in the backyard and bury it.

Fortunately, I bought a laptop before we left Texas and that's what I'm writing on right now.  In a little while, Bill and I will head off to AAFES and pick up a new Mac.  If I recall correctly, the same damn thing happened last time we moved to Germany.  I had my computer, then a PC, for a few weeks before it croaked.  We bought a new machine and plugged it in.  It ended up frying because the machine wasn't automatically dual voltage and we forgot to change the voltage settings.  AAFES let us exchange it and I used that computer until I bought my iMac in October 2010.

She lasted four years with me pounding on her pretty much daily.  I think she did pretty well...  What sucks is that I made all that music for my mom's CD and now I can't burn it to a disc.  I'm going to have to do my whole project over now.

Fortunately, we now have triple paned glass in my "office"...

For shits and giggles, I found the post I wrote when I bought this machine, almost four years ago...

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