Saturday, October 25, 2014

My chipper mother...

Last night, Bill and I went out to eat at our favorite Greek restaurant.  But before we went, I talked to my mom.  She was in a good mood and was about to head to the pool for an exercise class.  She said she'd gotten tickets to the symphony and even managed to renew her passport.  She said she was hoping to take a river cruise, maybe even in Germany.  And if she does, she said she'd like to visit us.  I told her we have a spare king sized bed and a fold out futon that she and Bill's mom have a standing invitation to use.

Mom still hasn't gotten the religious music CD that I made for her.  Things can take ages to get to and from the U.S. using the APO system.  She said if she likes anything on the CD and wants me to change my selection for dad's memorial service, she'd get my sister to get in touch with me.  Apparently, when she plays the other CD I made, she cries.  I imagine the religious one will make her cry even more.

It would be easy for my mom to get in touch with me herself, except my mom doesn't use computers.  She never learned how and never had any desire to use one, even now that my dad is dead and can no longer bug her about teaching him how to send an email.

That was something my dad drove everyone nuts over.  We'd show him how to send email and access the Internet over and over again and he'd always forget.  Sometimes he'd send me an email begging for help sending email, not realizing that he had just successfully sent one without help.  He even hired a local computer guy to come over and teach him, but it never stuck.  Before long, the guy stopped answering my dad's calls.

Mom said there was a package waiting for her that she needed to pick up.  She said it was either the CD I made for her or her prosthetic boob.  I was amazed as she very casually told me that she wears things that are "puffy" now, to hide her missing breast.  But with the prosthetic boob, she wouldn't have to do that anymore.

I guess if you're going to get breast cancer, it's not so bad to get it at age 76, right after your husband dies.  I'm certain my mom would have preferred to avoid the whole experience altogether, but she sure is maintaining an upbeat pragmatic attitude about the whole thing.

Anyway, I hope she's able to come see us in Germany.  I don't think my mom has ever really been here, except for when she was in transit somewhere else.  I think she'd like it here.

What's not to love?


  1. I'm not cetain I could be as upbeat as your mom in the face of cancer. I admire her outlook. I hope she visits you soon.

    1. Honestly, me either. I think it would totally freak me out to lose part of my body.


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