Friday, October 10, 2014

Mmmm... chili!

It's kind of a cold and rainy day and we had some stuff that needed to be used, so I decided to make chili.  I started it a couple of hours ago and now the whole house smells like chili.  It should make Bill happy, since he has to work on schoolwork tonight before we head to Colmar tomorrow.

Hopefully, the weather will clear up and we'll have a pleasant little escape to the Alsace.  And hopefully Arran won't be a pain in the butt at the Hunde Hotel.

I'm sure I'll have more rantings later, but for now, I just saw the 7th Heaven episode where Jeffrey the wonder orphan makes Chandler dump his booze.  I think it's an outrageous storyline.  He's a rude little shit and shouldn't be allowed to dictate to adults what they have in their own home.  

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