Thursday, October 2, 2014

Making an unexpected $25...

Yesterday, Bill came home with a check from our former property managers in Texas.  We were expecting a check for the $350 they erroneously withheld from our security deposit of $1650 for a window they claimed we broke.  They also withheld another $50 for Christmas lights that were left on the porch and holes in the wall made by a towel rack that was moved.  We didn't do any of these things and had both notated them and took photos.  But because our rent was $1700 and the deposit was $1650, we didn't press them for the extra $50 in charges.

Well, it seems that they had a change of heart about the Christmas lights and refunded us an extra $25.  I can't help but laugh about it.  I'm grateful they saw fit to refund that money, especially since with the $350 they sent us, our deposit was already repaid in full.  I told Bill he should put that extra $25 in savings.  I bet we're the first people who have actually been overpaid a security deposit by that particular company.

By the way, I don't know why our deposit was $50 less than the monthly rent was.  The original property managers weren't as strict about money as D'Ann Harper Coldwell Banker was.  I'm sure had they been the original property managers, we wouldn't have rented the house and they would have required the whole $1700 for a deposit.

Anyway, all's well that ends well.  Looks like we can now close the book on that particular chapter of our lives.

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