Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jessa Duggar= mushroom...

For the record, I HATE mushrooms.  But based on Jessa Duggar's recent moronic comparisons of abortion to the Holocaust, I can't help but compare her to one.  Just like the dreaded mushroom, Jessa Duggar has clearly been kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit.  And just like a mushroom, she's spreading her shit on the airwaves, much like a mushroom spreads spores.

Now, while I think Jessa's commentary on the Holocaust is pretty disgusting, I do think it comes from her parents.  She's just spouting off what her parents spouted off last year.  Last year at a pro-life rally in Texas, Michelle Duggar famously said that abortions are akin to a "baby holocaust".  And she and JimBoob talked of wanting to start a pro-life museum in Washington, DC.  Given that her parents have been so outspoken about their pro-life views, why is anyone surprised at what Jessa Duggar wrote on her Instagram account?  I, for one, am surprised she can string a coherent sentence together.

While I don't disagree that abortion is a very sad and sobering topic, I do think that Jessa's comments indicate that she hasn't really thought much or developed much empathy for people affected by abortion or Jewish people.  I doubt she's done much reading on the subject of the Holocaust.  I don't think she quite grasps how horrible and inhuman the whole thing was.  People who experienced the Holocaust dealt with far worse than any aborted fetus ever will.  No aborted fetus ever had the experience of knowing what life is or what personhood is.

The people who experienced the Holocaust had lives before they went to their concentration camps.  And once they were in those camps, they were subjected to multiple horrors-- torture, murder, endless work, starvation, sickness, persecution, loss of family, loss of property, loss of dignity...  By contrast, no person I have ever met remembers what being in the womb is like.

Was Jessa even paying attention as she walked through that museum?  Did she really only get from that experience a comparison between abortion and Hitler's attempt to systematically exterminate the people he hated from this planet?  Again, I find most of her comments embarrassing and ridiculous, but at the same time, I don't believe they came from a place of rational thinking, empathy, or being informed.  

I think she is parroting what her parents have said.  I'm sure it's in her best interest to do so, since she is still living on the compound for the next month.  After that, she'll be married to a kid and will probably start pumping out babies herself.  I have faith that someone in the Duggar brood will escape at some point.  I hope it happens before I'm old and gray.

And honestly... the Duggars talking about 60 million babies being "slaughtered" due to abortion?  What would the world be like with another 60 million people in it?


  1. Jessa is even stupider than the average Duggar, which is a considerable accomplishment when you really think about it. Ignorance abounds on that compound.


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