Thursday, October 9, 2014

I've been a busy housewife today...

I got up this morning, washed the sheets, vacuumed, swept the patio, cleaned up dog shit, threw out some trash, and practiced my fledgling German.  It's one o'clock PM and the weather is glorious.

This weekend, Bill and I are going to Colmar, France.  We're leaving Saturday morning instead of Friday.  Bill has school work to do, otherwise we might leave earlier.  Also, we have to get the dogs to the Hunde Hotel and it's been five years since I was last there.  It would be better for Bill to take them this time.

I think Zane has a zit on his muzzle.  From what I've read, they tend to crop up on dogs with allergies.  Zane definitely has them.  He itches and chews his paws all the time.  And both dogs need dentals.  I think once we're a little more settled, I'll be taking them to the vet for some maintenance work.  Of course, I need a dental too...  I'm due this morning for a cleaning, but I have a feeling it will be awhile before I get it done.  Good thing last year was such an intense dental year and I got those two molars crowned.

I'm looking forward to seeing Colmar.  It was one place I wanted to see last time we were here, but we never got around to it.  The closest we got was Strasbourg, which we visited for an afternoon on the way home from Switzerland.  I'm hoping we can find stuff to do on Sunday since Sunday is still a day of rest here in most of Europe.

Was just reading about that woman, Brittany Maynard, who is 29 and has brain cancer.  She's decided to end her life on November 1, 2014.  She fears what the cancer would do to her and wants to die on her own terms. I support her decision.  I think people should have the right to decide when they want to die.

I have a very religious cousin who posted another cancer patient's rebuttal to Brittany.  It's full of affirmations about God and how we should let God decide when we should die and we should let our loved ones have the privilege of taking care of us.  And that is all fine and good if you have family willing and able to do that for you.  Not everyone is so fortunate.

I think Brittany does have people who can care for her and would be willing and able to help her die naturally.  I still think it's her right to determine how she wants to deal with her cancer.  It's tragic that she's so young and making this decision, but it's still her decision to make.  Besides, not everyone is into Jesus.

I think it bothers many religious people that so many people are turning away from religion.  On the other hand, it's weird to me that so many people have become so religious.  Seems like when I was growing up, there weren't so many examples of extremes when it comes to religious beliefs.  I don't consider myself an atheist, but I'm really not very religious.  It makes me uncomfortable when religious people feel the need to bring God into other peoples' personal decisions.  They turn it into a testimony bearing exercise.

I think it's fine if religion works for you and brings you peace and happiness.  It doesn't work that way for everyone, though.  It's not the only way to live life.

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